Chatting With Bert And Luke From Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies are a 3 piece Emo/punk band from Bristol, there sound is a combination of different genres such as emo, punk, grunge and screamo. Luckily for us, we had the pleasure of talking to Luke(Bass/Vocals) and Bert(Guitar/Vocals) and spoke about how their first year as a band went and how 2015 could be a very big year for them.

The Most Bizarre Interview Ever With…Los Trasgos Muertos

Now we have interviewed a lot of bands here at AltCorner but we definitely did not expect this outcome from Los Trasgos Muertos as they gave us honestly the best and weirdest answers ever! Read it Below: Hello chaps! Why Los Trasgos Muertos? Because ‘they’ are us and ‘we’ are them. How did you guys […]

We Chat With…ShotsFired

Inspired by violence and aggression, ShotsFired incorporate elements of heavy hardcore and deathcore to create a wall of hatred and metallic energy. We were lucky enough to have a chat with them!


Moriaty are a blues duo with a difference. Unconfined by the two piece phenomenon, Moriaty have been known to flirt with other musicians including rappers, singers, bass players and string sections. We had a chat with them and found out...lots!

Future Talk Chat

The Gloucestershire 5 piece have a big year planned and we had a chat about what is to come for them and some of their dream collaborations.

Catching Up With…Tuskens

We had the pleasures of catching up with James and Jack from Bristol Pop Punk band Tuskens as we spoke about everything from guilty pleasure to their proudest moment.

A Chat With The Kut

We had the pleasure of talking to basement rock trio The Kut as we learned more about them and what their plans are for 2015.

Getting To Know Wolfrider

Introducing Polish metal-heads Wolfrider who we had the opportunity to get to know a bit better. We spoke about the origin of the band alongside finding out about the ethos behind their music and what they aim to sound like.

A Sit Down With This Burning City

We had a little talk with This Burning City about their release 'Ignorance' and what their new EP is going to sound like. There's also a lot more to know about this Hardcore five piece and you can find out everything here!

X Marks The Spot… A Q&A with Treasures

Treasures blew away their local music scene, building a solid reputation for energetic and big performances. We wanted to know so more about them, so we set up a little Q&A for your reading pleasure!


We had the pleasure of talking to Gustav from Atlas Losing Grip about their upcoming album 'Currents' which will be released January 15th 2015.

Q&A with Knuckles

We catch up with the boys from Huddersfield, AKA 'Knuckle' - a punk/blues duo for a little Q&A.

A Chit Chat With The Brilliant ‘Pressures’

Pressures debut EP 'Misery Loves Company' showed that metalcore doesn't have to be generic, they provided a mind blowing technical feast of heavy and powerful tracks which culminated in the EP becoming one of AltCorner's favourite releases of this year. We caught up with Haris to talk about....everything!

Castaway Talk About This Year, Their EP “Bleak” and The Future

Nottingham based grunge punks Castaway create their own sound by using influence from bands such as Superheaven, Balance & Composure and Nirvana. We had the absolute pleasure to talk to them about how 2014 was for them and what the future holds...


We were lucky enough to catch up with Jack from Giants to talk about everything from what being in a band means to them, why GIANTS are using PledgeMusic and what their debut album is going to sound like! These skater inspired hardcore punks are on the verge of releasing something awesome and you've got to read about it below!


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