A Chat With The Scribes

We caught up with Shaun Amos and Jonny Steele from the Scribes for a chat about the origins of their sound, their plans for 2015 and where the ideas for their music stem from.

Interview with Arcane Roots at Takedown Festival 2015

We caught up with Arcane Roots at Takedown Festival 2015 - These guys were just amazing!

A Chat With Bruce and David From Westfield

Brad caught up with Bassist, David and Vocalist, Bruce from the band and had a chat about all things Westfield.

Chatting with Melodic Punk Rock Band, ‘Light Fire Down’

The AltCorner team caught up with the lovely lads from Weymouth for a little Q&A

Deatheater Interview

Hannah caught up with the guys from Deatheater, a three piece beatdown/slam¬†band from Middlesbrough for a little Q&A… When can we expect your new EP to be released and how is it different to your first EP? You can expect it around May/June time 2015. The new EP has got a lot more riffs and […]

Q&A with Montrose before ‘Monster Under The Bed’ Release

Montrose are on the verge of their second studio release 'Monster Under The Bed' - so we caught up with them for a little Q&A to see what they are all about!

We Q&A with Take Care – An Awesome Band From Maryland, USA

Take Care signed up for a band profile... We were so glad they did! We had a listen and were blown away! WE LOVED THEM! So we did a little Q&A to find out about the band.

We Deny Talk Takedown Festival and Their Plans For 2015

We Deny are set to play Takedown Festival next weekend and Brad had a chat with them about that and what they have planned for the rest of this year...

Talking to Forever Never About Their Return and Takedown Festival 2015!

We caught up with George from Forever Never to talk about their comeback and their upcoming performance at Takedown Festival!

Benio From Hindsights Talks To Brad!

Benio from Hindsights was nice enough to have a chat with us about the band, the future and the upcoming release of new album ‘Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes’. First off, how are you dude? Very well man, if a little knackered. Had a pretty fun couple of days with the album release show and then the […]

Talking To Ed From Not Scientists

We had a chat with Ed From French Indie Punk Rockers Not Scientists!

Hannah Speaks To Kenzie From Sanity Check!

Hannah had a chat with Sanity Check's guitarist Kenzie!

Elida Inman of Team Me Interview

Brad had a chat with multi-talented and Team Me member Elida and spoke about...lots!

The Astoria Has A Chat with AltCorner!

The Astoria are a 4 piece melodic/post-hardcore band from South-East London who blend their influences to create one beautiful noise! We had a chat all the guys and here is the outcome...

Wallflower Talks to AltCorner!

We had a chat with one of the most promising bands in the UK rock scene...

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