An A-Z With Red Seas Fire

R Kelly, Broken Legs and Michael Bolton...not necessarily what you'd associate with Red Seas Fire but, find out all about the genre blenders in this A-Z quickfire interview!

A to Z of Milestones

One of the most promising bands amongst the UK scene at the moment take on an A-Z interview!

Castaway Chat To AltCorner About The Past Six Months and Future Plans

One of the first bands to feature on AltCorner when we first begun this website was Castaway. We immediately hit it off with them, firstly through them being some of the nicest people we’ve come across and not to mention, they had just released ‘Bleak’ … which still to this day is regularly played in […]

A Monster Speaks To A Human; A Catch Up With Monsters as Humans

We were lucky enough to have a chat with Bassist and Vocalist, Dave Kostilek to speak about everything Monsters as Humans.

Orphelins Interview

We here at AltCorner enjoyed seeing Orphelins last month in Bristol and decided to have a chat with lead singer, Ashley Jackson to find out when we can expect new music, their samples of other bands they use when playing live and we also found out what they deem a 'milestone' for the band.

Chatting To Tim Vantol Whilst On Tour!

“Ups and downs, victory and defeat, hope and despair. Life probably provides more stumbling blocks than stepping stones. For this very reason, it’s nice that there are musicians like TIM VANTOL that accompany you not only on the sunny side of life, but also help you through rainy days, when you’re swallowing down your sorrows […]

A Sit Down With Tim Lawerence From Bayeux

Brad was lucky enough to have a chat with Vocalist, Tim Lawerence and had a chat about the past 12 months and everything Bayeux!

Brad grabs a chat with NRVS LVRS

Founded on 31 March 2014, with their new LP "The Golden West" out March 16, 2015 via Hz Castle Records.

Last Great Dreamers Interview!

Brad was lucky enough to have a chat with Guitarist, Slyder from the band to talk about their return, the upcoming release and the April tour.

Chatting To Liam From Highlives

AltCorner had a chat with Liam from Bristol Pop Punk band Highlives!

An Interview With Lorenzo From Deep Space Eternity

The band has recently released new single 'Better Than This' so Brad took the opportunity to chat with Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Lorenzo from the band.

AltCorner Chats To The Effect

Combining a love of Post Rock and Alternative Pop since their formation in 2009, The Effect have drawn wide spread recognition for their unique sound. The Swansea four-piece recently had a chat with Brad from AltCorner about their release of ‘Baptism’, their advice they’d give to fellow upcoming bands and their plans for 2015. Hello […]

Speaking to Kid From Sleepmakeswaves

Brad was lucky enough to have a chat with Kid, the guitarist from the Sleepmakeswaves about their upcoming UK tour and more!

Chatting With Damo From Allusondrugs

On the back of touring with Enter Shikari and being announced for Download Festival, AltCorner had a chat with Guitarist and Vocalist Damo from the band.

Interview with Create To Inspire at Takedown Festival 2015

Sean and Dan from Melodic Post-Hardcore band Create to Inspire had a chat with Brad at this years Takedown Festival 2015 in Southampton.

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