Dirt Interview At Butserfest 2015

We spoke to our good friends Dirt at Butserfest this year. We spoke to them about their beautiful performance of 'Insomnia' for us at Takedown Festival, what they have been up to since and how they are becoming more of a creative unit.


Signals. are a female fronted math pop four-piece from the Isle of Wight//Southampton. They took on the A-Z questionnaire challenge with Gareth Rooke.

A Quick Chat With A Mouth Full Of Matches

Elizabeth Birt recently caught up with the quintet and spoke to them about their new single 'White Flags', their upcoming tour with City of Ashes and when their next release could be.

Handguns Interview

Brad had a chat with Guitarist, Brandon Pagano from Handguns. Speaking about their first ever UK tour back in 2013, what their new album 'Disenchanted' is about and exceeding their own expectations with what they have achieved.

Lee Male From Faux Answers 13(and a half!) Random Questions

Gareth Rooke posed 13(and a half) random questions to the lead vocalist of Faux; Lee Male. Featuring; Showers, Rubik's cubes and Sisqo!

Interview With Italian Rockers OVER

Brad spoke to Italian female-fronted band OVER about touring in the UK, being compared to Paramore and their weirdest fan interaction.

Interview with Yeah Detroit

Gareth Rooke had the chance to sit down with Yeah Detroit at the end of their European Tour. A tour filled with thrills, spills and is there chat!

State Champs Interview

Brad spoke to State Champs as they gear up to release their new album 'Around The World And Back'. Speaking to the Pop Punk heavyweights about the upcoming album, supporting 5 Seconds Of Summer and wearing Crocs!

Future Talk Interview

Brad had a chat with Gloucestershire quintet Future Talk about their latest EP 'The Path That Sadness Paved; the story behind the production, the lyrical content and how it is a good representation of the band...

Interview With Defeater

Brad caught up with Jake from Melodic-Hardcore titans Defeater to speak about their new album 'Abandoned' and it's concept.

Interview With This Burning City

Brad spoke to Alternative Hardcore band This Burning City about their formation, their new EP and what advice they would give to upcoming artists.


'Gaijin-Rock' band Area 11 took on the A-Z Interview challenge and here it is in all its glory!

A Chat With H_ngm_n

Energetic Brighton-based duo H_ngm_n pack a punch that blows away audiences as well as vowels. We took some time to talk to Chris about his views on the DIY scene and future plans.

Interview with Speaking In Shadows

After recently finishing their tour with Altered Sky, we had a chance to catch up with Speaking In Shadows

Sounds Of The South: The Autumn Ravine

For this week’s Sounds Of The South, I asked The Autumn Ravine - a personal favourite of mine - what they thought of the music scene in the South.

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