Interview With WOAHNOWS at 2000 Trees Festival 2015

Woahnows have had quite some year, Brad had a chat with the band at this years 2000 Trees Festival and here it is in all its glory.

Altered Sky Take On The A-Z Questionnaire Challenge!

Altered Sky took on the A-Z Questionnaire challenge with the questions provided by Gareth Rooke. Featuring; Dave Grohl, Lions and chasing Seagulls!

Brad Chats To Fred Abbott

Brad Chats To Fred Abbott, the guitarist for the now defunct indie band Noah and the Whale about his upcoming solo release...

Interview With Jonny Polonsky

We spoke to Jonny Polonsky about his solo career, his affiliation with the Pixies and receiving a compliment from Jeff Buckley.

Sounds Of The South: An Interview With Muskets

Muskets are a Brighton based grunge/emo band drawing inspiration from bands such as The Pixies, Title Fight and Basement. Having recently signed to Venn Records, Megan Smith had a chat with drummer, Joe Philips about whats going on in the Muskets camp.

Emily Interviews The Decoy

Emily Moorby had a chat with The Decoy and here is the interview...

Montrose Take On An A-Z Questionnaire!

Their EP is out now and below the quartet answer the A-Z interview!

Getting To Know…Rain!

We chat to Swindon based newcomers Rain!

Blood Youth Take On A-Z Quickfire Challenge!

Blood Youth answered some questions in the form of a quickfire A-Z featuring David Hassellhoff, eggs and Chicken pox! Without further ado here it is...

Chatting With Josh From Fairview

Fairview proudly released their EP 'Moonlight' on Crusty Baby Records at the beginning of this month and we had a chat with Lead Singer, Josh Hough about the release...

Long Time Divided Interview

As they embark on the stage of fine tuning their next album, Long Time Divided had a chat with Brad about genre tagging, how their name defines them as a band and the tips they'd give to upcoming bands.

Chatting To CJ From Threatpoint

With work on new material already underway, Brad caught up with drummer CJ Krukowski and had a chat about everything regarding the band...

Elegies Interview

We caught up with Elegies to talk about their upcoming EP, 'Daylight Disease', their views on Spotify and lots more!

Chatting To Buddy Nielsen From Senses Fail

It was with great pleasure that I had a chat with Lead Singer, Buddy Nielsen about the upcoming release 'Pull The Thorns From Your Heart' and the meaning of the album. Buddy also spoke about the career of Senses Fail, when they are next in the UK and how they've always written music for the love of music.

An A-Z With GLOO!

Known for their DIY-ethos and organic creation of post apocalyptic punk, we decided to pitch an A-Z questionnaire to the lovely GLOO boys and here it is in all its glory...

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