Interview with DIVIDES

Hi Gareth here. Before Christmas I managed to catch up with DIVIDES at their show at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh. Here is our chat...

Mega Interview with FVK

We sat down with co-frontman Kier Kemp and bassist Drew Woolnough ahead of the bands last headline show of 2015 at Scene Club in Swansea to talk Bruises, Obsidian Bond teasers, Twilight and find out if Kier would make a good newspaper editor.

Interview With Secrets

After recently releasing their new album 'Everything That Got Us Here' we were lucky enough to catch up with Richard Rogers, the singer and vocalist of SECRETS. We spoke about the lyrical content of the new album, songs that inspired SECRETS and what track he is most proud of...

Mr Shiraz Take On The A-Z Questionnaire!

We recently caught up with the band and made them take on the A-Z challenge...

Chatting With Junior

Following the release of sophomore EP ‘JuniorLand’ earlier this year, we caught up with Junior after they had wrapped up their UK tour entitled 'Michael Jordan'...

Interview With Foxing

Brad spoke to American band Foxing from St. Louis, Missouri straight after their set at The Exchange in Bristol back in August. Topics spoken about include; new album 'Dealer', touring with Tigers Jaw and the origins of their sound.


The Blowouts are a post punk band from Plymouth. Formed in 2010, they provide a sound that is a combination of post-punk with melody. Gareth Rooke asked them an A-Z Questionnaire and there are some awesome answers...

Interview with Some Skeletons

With their upcoming debut album coming out soon, Gareth had a chance to catch up with Some Skeletons...

Interview With The Reckless Youth

On their first UK headline tour, our Gareth caught up with The Reckless Youth in Glasgow.

Megalomatic Interview

Hi it's Gareth here, I had a chance to catch up with Megalomatic at their EP release show.

ReVerbed Take On The A-Z Questionnaire!

Now residing in Brighton, pop rock quartet ReVerbed formed at school in Doncaster and have stayed together against the odds, the quartet said: “Ultimately, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give up on six years of hard work. So, we are still here, still strong and still loving what we do”. Here they answer the A-Z interview…

Interview With SayWeCanFly

We caught up with Singer/Songwriter Braden Barrie aka 'SayWeCanFly' to speak about his new EP 'Darling', the origin of his lyrics and his dedicated approach to social media.

Interview With Rory Nash From GLUM

GLUM are a Grunge-laden three-piece from Winchester. Embarking on a journey to create their debut release, the band have been through loss, pain, frustration and everything in-between. We caught up with vocalist and guitarist, Rory Nash to speak about the updates on everything GLUM...

Junior Take On The A-Z Questionnaire!

Here the trio answer the A-Z interview…

Interview With Fightstar

Brad recently caught up with the band to chat about the new record and how it has been coined as a 'sequel to Grand Unification', what five artists inspired their sound and why they went on hiatus.

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