A chat with Lee from Faux

Faux are set to release their second EP "Inhale" on 5th August. I managed to grab a few words with the band's vocalist/guitarist, Lee.

We chat to Breathe in the Silence

Breathe in the Silence are a post-hardcore/alternative rock band from South Wales. The band have just finished a UK tour with Swedish rockers Normandie. We caught up with guitarist Nathan Campfield, bassist Jake Bowen and frontman Adamross Williams to chat about working with the acclaimed Romesh Dodangoda, nailing backflips on a bouncy castle, the impact of new drummer Thom and how there is a real-life Pokemon in the band!


My name is Mike and I am a workaholic. I started this alternative-rock band in 2004 called Rosedale, and I’m still all about it. I usually put together a team of musicians and travel around north America playing shows and inspiring kids young and old. Sometimes, when I can’t assemble a team, I’ll do it […]

We chat to Normandie

Swedish rockers Normandie are currently on their first UK run in support of debut record Inguz. Following the release, the band have received excellent reviews and are on the up! We sat down with drummer Jesper Malmberg and frontman Philip Strand to talk Inguz, the Pokemon craze and how we are not alone....

We Chat To The Xcerts At 2000 Trees Festival 2016

Scottish Sweethearts The Xcerts have enjoyed a good few years in the UK playing festivals such as T In The Park and 2000 Trees as they toured their latest album 'There Is Only You'. With work underway on a new album, we spoke to one of our favourite bands at this year's 2000 Trees Festival.

A Chat With Muncie Girls At 2000 Trees Festival 2016

Their debut album ‘From Caplan to Belsize’ came out in March and has been a constant fixture amongst the AltCorner office playlist. We were lucky enough to catch up with the band at this year's 2000 Trees Festival 2016.

Maxdmyz Take On A-Z Questionnaire Challenge!

London-based five-piece alternative progressive metallers Maxdmyz take on the A-Z Questionnaire Challenge! If you think Glen Danzig meets Amon Amarth, you are half way to getting what the brilliant Maxdmyz are like!

Talking To Tired Lion!

Stressheads, Curly Wurlys and the honour of playing Glastonbury! Read our chat with the superb Tired Lion, here...

A Chat With As Sirens Fall

With the recent release of As Sirens Fall's EP The Hospital Party, I was able to have a chat with them about their new release and their upcoming tours.

Altered Sky Take On The A-Z Questionnaire Challenge (AGAIN!)

Drummer and Vocalist Amy took on our A-Z Questionnaire Challenge, here are her answers!

Furian Take On The A-Z Questionnaire Challenge!

Furian are post-hardcore riff-mesiters from Bradford via Liverpool. The quartet are gearing up to release their brand new single 'Whats Up'. We have heard it and it is nothing short of epic! Luckily for us (and you once you hear it) we are premiering the track on 19/07/2016. In the meantime, we caught up with the rockers as they took on the A-Z Questionnaire Challenge!

Interview With Vans Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman

Song River's chat with Kevin Lyman; founder of Vans Warped Tour.

Celestial Son Take On The A-Z Questionnaire Challenge!

With shows in the works for Europe and plans for festival appearances, Celestial Son have no boundaries in their way. The band caught up with us and took on the A-Z Questionnaire Challenge below...

Iodine Sky take on the A-Z challenge

Manchester rockers Iodine Sky have just released their debut album Tides. The quartet have two things in mind which are to 'go hard or go home' and to 'make amazing memories for themselves and their fans'. Since their 2013 formation, the band have worked hard to create and hone their sound, working with Creed's Brett Hestla impressing the legendary bassist so much that a trip to Florida for the band's frontman Aaron to feature on Brett's solo album followed!

A Chat With Area 11

With the release of Area 11's latest album Modern Synthesis, I had the chance to chat with Jonathan Kogan (AKA Kogie) about the record, as well as experiences and inspirations as a band on the whole.

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