Ghost Arcadia take on the A-Z challenge

Our A-Z challenge is a fun way to get to know the many bands and artists out there. Here its the turn of Ghost Arcadia to tell us all about themselves by taking on the A-Z challenge.

A song that made you want to make music?

Reu – Probably hearing Jeff Buckley or Eminem for the first time…think it was Hallelujah for the prior and The Real Slim Shady from the latter.

AntFeeling This, Blink 182

AdamFamous Last Words, My Chemical Romance

AliWhere Is Your Boy Tonight, Fall Out Boy

Best rider you’ve ever had?

A Sainsbury’s meal deal each…bargain!

Craziest thing you’ve experienced in the band?

A fan made cake (from @beatas_cakes, make sure to check her out on insta!), completely black with our logo on it and a massive sparkler on top!

Deepest lyric one of your songs features?

Before the sun sets and I start to forget all over again’ from Forever and A Day off our ‘Libero’ EP.

Easiest song you wrote?

Funnily enough it was actually Glory. We were all in the same headspace and the writing process seemed effortless.

Favourite song in your set?

Golden Kingdom, it’s an oldie from our first (self produced) EP but we normally play it as an encore and the crowds always love it!

Guest you’d most like to feature on your record?

Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari. Him and Reu could take a verse each and the harmonies they could pull off would be beaut!

Hardest thing about being in a band?

Finding the time to balance all aspects of the band with our day jobs and personal lives.

Interesting fact about one of your members?

Adam produced a couple of tracks for Jermain Jackman when he was in Indigo High before he won The Voice UK in 2014.

Jokes you have in the band?

Ali is constantly snacking behind the drum kit but still mysteriously manages to maintain a slender figure! It’s the subject of many rehearsals…

Key to writing a song?

1 part catchy melody, 2 measures of good lyrics, 3 helpings of distorted guitars, 4 counts from Ali, and a little sprinkle of your soul.

Longest distance you’ve travelled to play a show?

40mins on the Northern Line

Most inspiring musician you’ve experienced?

Reu – Jason Aalon Butler or Damien Rice

Ant- Oli Sykes

Adam – Nick Cave

Ali – Dave Grohl

New band you’d recommend?

Our friends at Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison

Opening for this band would be ideal?

Enter Shikari or Boston Manor!

Place you’d most like to tour?

Anywhere in Central or Eastern Europe

Quote you’d like to pass on to our readers?

‘To live will be an awfully big adventure.’ – J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

Reason for the title of your recent/forthcoming release?

Glory is a love song but not necessarily in a romantic sense. It’s a celebration of the people who have changed our lives for the better. When Reu wrote the repeating lyric ‘You are all I see, yeah you in all of your glory’ it really encapsulated what the true meaning of the song was and we knew from the very beginning that was what the name had to be!

See us live at?

For now, here:

But also probably on IG: @ghostarcadiaband and FB:

The old days of music were better than the current, do you agree?

No. They are definitely different but each has their own positives and negatives!

Unusual merchandise?

We have a hand made Ghost Arcadia denim jacket that Reu wears in the Glory music video (MV by Cineoteric Films). We’ve often thought of putting it up for sale or auction!

Variations you’d like to do of any of your songs?

We already teamed up with Cardinal Roy for a D&B remix of our track ‘Midnight’. Make sure to check it out on Spotify!

What do your fans mean to you?

We absolutely love them. Every. Single. One. Their love and support means the most and they are what keeps us pushing on. They make it all worth it! I know every band says this but we truly feel blessed by our fans…they are more like family than fans.

X-rays or any treatments needed for band related injuries?

Ali fucked his wrist playing Glory over and over again during the filming of the music video.

You’re late for a show, whose fault is it?

When we wrote this we all pointed at Adam…

Zoo animal that best describes the personality of your band?

An Octopus…Not what you’d expect but forever changing, always malleable and definitely from space!

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October 23, 2020

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