Chatting To CJ From Threatpoint

With work on new material already underway, Brad caught up with drummer CJ Krukowski and had a chat about everything regarding the band…

Threatpoint are a Groove Metal band with no gimmick, just straight up metal. Threatpoint’s focus remains on hooks and catchy moments for the listener. With work on new material already underway, Brad caught up with drummer CJ Krukowski and had a chat about everything regarding the band…

Hey CJ! How are you today?

Good… thanks for having us!

How did the band form?

Threatpoint is a combination of 3 bands, actually.
Alex and myself used to play in another band and played a few shows with Chris’ old band, so we knew each other. When both of our bands split, a mutual friend hooked us up and here we are. A few slight line-up changes later, we acquired Mike and Eric basically knowing them from playing out in their old band, along with seeing how driven and passionate they are… this line-up feels right.

Why did you choose your name and how do you think it defines you?

Chris had a bunch of names with the word “threat” in it and I kinda came up with “point” off the top of my head and we thought it sounded cool. I think it defines us well… we’re a pretty intense band!

With a heavy focus on ‘genre’ tagging recently, some bands like it and some don’t, do you like being labelled a certain genre? – and what genre do you consider yourself?

People are gonna label things whether we like it or not… I think it’s some form of security within their minds or something.

As for us, we call ourselves “groove metal” because it fits us to the tee. Our music has splashes of thrash, death, and melodic metal along with a sprinkle of hard rock but the bottom line is, it grooves.

When can we expect new music from you and can you give us an insight into the progression that you have made from previous material?

Most likely in the middle of sometime next year. Our newer stuff carries the Threatpoint sound well but with the addition of new guys, they bring in new elements too… I would say we’ve got some faster, darker and more melodic stuff.

What does being in a band mean to you? Is it something you just decided to do or is it more of a dream come true?

It’s absolutely a dream come true for all of us. The level and rate we play out AND the intensity we perform at isn’t just something to just do… that’s why we’ve had a few line-up changes. This band is a machine and keeps going no matter what… we’ve got a few tours down and a few more to come.

What one piece of advice would you give to upcoming bands?

Quit! Ha… that’s the easy way out.

No, if it really means something to you and it’s something you really love to do, stick it out. In that time, you’ll see who’s with you and who drops out… it’s not for everyone.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Have a lot more gigs down and a few countries under our belt.

If you could have one musician feature on a song with you, who would it be?

Tough question! I really don’t know… and in all fairness, everyone would have a different answer.

Who are some of your most-listened to artists at the moment?

I have been listening to a lot of Devildriver and Coal Chamber… the other guys like to listen to everything from Testament to Slipknot to Soilwork to Sevendust. These things are heard more times than not.

Are you a fan of Spotify? – do you think it helps or hinders artists like yourself?

I don’t personally listen to it but I believe we are on there! Anything that helps bands/artists get their name out there that much more is a huge help.

Does any of the band members have any guilty music pleasures?

I don’t think anyone should have a “guilty pleasure”… never be embarrassed or ashamed of what you listen to… as long as it makes you feel good, who cares what anyone thinks?

I personally love a lot of 80’s pop such as Devo, Depeche Mode, things like that. Sometimes you never know what you’re gonna hear next… we’ve had rides on the way to a show and blast Lady Gaga or Blondie or Johnny Cash… music makes you feel good.

Tell us one fact about the band that not many people know?

Threatpoint wasn’t the original choice for our band name.

Brad Biddlecombe

June 23, 2015

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