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2020 has been a weird one that’s for sure. We made it to March for live gigs and have been lost without live music and festival season. But what was not stopped was the release of good, new music, with a whole load of new releases! Here deputy editor Lizi gives her top 5 2020 releases.

My top 5 is my stand-out releases of the year. This year feels like it has been so long that it was hard to remember what came out in 2020 and what was actually way back when in 2019. I tried to think of a top 10 but I couldn’t narrow down the remaining five – the list was longer than my arm!

Madina Lake – The Beginning of New Endings

It’s been nine whole years since Madina Lake graced our emo hearts with new music. But in 2020 they came back with a suckerpunch of an EP, showing that they are still a staple in the music scene. The Beginning of New Endings has some of their best music to date – including epic middle track Tiny Weapons.

Derek Sanders – My Rock and Roll Heart

Credit: Lupe Bustos

Cover Eps are usually a cop-out – unless they’re done by Derek Sanders. The Mayday Parade frontman pulled on all my heartstrings with My Rock and Roll Heart. He covered a number of his favourite songs in acoustic form. But Lauren and Punk Rock Princess are my personal highlights.

ZAND – Ugly Pop

Most people who know me know that music along the lines of what ZAND does isn’t really my thing but since their Ugly Pop EP came out just a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. Slut Money is probably one of my favourite singles of 2020 (thank god I don’t have to narrow that down for a list).

The Amity Affliction – Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them

Amity have never done a bad record in their life and I thought it would be hard to top 2018’s Misery. But on hearing Soak Me In Bleach, I knew this was going to be something special. I don’t know how it is possible, but their music gets heavier and catchier each time.

Goldfinger – Never Look Back

Credit: Caleb Alvarez

A late addition to the list due to its December 4 release, but punk rock legends Goldfinger continue to earn their legendary status with Never Look Back. It also officially marks the return of original guitarist Charlie Paulson. Careful What You Wish For is one of my favourite tracks of the year too.

Elizabeth Birt

December 28, 2020

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