I’m Weinf, and I released my first demo as a solo artist. My mother says I’m good… No she doesn’t.

Weinf is a solo artist living in Barcelona, Spain. Weinf released his first demo in December 2014. He is a catchy tune writer, producing his own music and loving life as a whore lover and music maker – his words not ours!

Weinf’s Influences are The Doors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Morphine, Julian Casablancas, Bob Dylan, The Fratellis

“My mother says I’m good… No she doesn’t.” – Weinf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamweinf

You can listen to Weinf’s demo on Bandcamp (and get it for free, man): https://weinf.bandcamp.com

Dean Biddlecombe

February 28, 2015

Hey, I am Dean. I am the brains behind the technical side of AltCorner and run my own Website Design company; Red-Eight. I am also enlisted as the Photographer and Videographer for AltCorner's festival coverage. I have an extremely varied music taste that ranges from System Of A Down to Tom Waits...you get the idea! Oh and I also love a bit of Creed (not kidding!)

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