The Electric Cheese

THE Electric Cheese. Since their first gig at Salford Music Festival in September 2014, they have been purveying their particular brand of funky/punky psych pop around venues in Manchester, Salford and Liverpool as well as their home town of Chorley.

THE Electric Cheese are a psych-infused power-pop trio hailing from the sunny climes of Lancashire.

Formed during the spring of 2014, their shared love of all things curd-like helped Jason Gorgonzola (vox/guitar/witty lyricisms), Tommy Brie (bass/backingvox/tight t-shirts), and Matt Crumbly Lancashire (drums/funk/van owner) develop a varied set of songs that range from the electro-wah-swirls of Leopold’s Apple to the galloping rhythms of Camels, via the achingly beautiful tale of dredge teams in Nome, Alaska, in Gold Divers: Under the Ice.

Having already garnered airplay on Salford City Radio, Tircoed 106.5, Australia’s Valley FM 89.5, and California’s KBYD Radio – and with a number of rapturously received gigs under their collective belt including performances at the Salford City Music Festival and Chorley LIVE!

THE Electric Cheese’s first EP Lactose Intolerant EP vis now available via Manchester’s German Shepherd Records.

Brad Biddlecombe

July 31, 2015

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