Forming in Castleford, a town on the outskirts of Leeds in 2012, grungey five-piece Allusondrugs have relentlessly toured the country non stop and released numerous singles, leading to them being signed to legendary Leeds based record label, Clue Records.

Amongst Thieves

Amongst Thieves intense but still hooky skill set blends vengeful anthems and epic grandeur and crafty, atmospheric moments with giant soundscapes punctured by versatile vocal lines.

Death By Six

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Death By Six have gone to every length to show their dedication to creating a fearless summary of modern metal and 80’s sentiment all tied up in the band’s distinctive style.


Gloucestershire new guns, Elessar, are braced to stamp their own imprint on the currently buoyant Brit-rock scene with their stunning brand of contagious punk rock.


Reverb laden power chords.

Badly Stuffed Pandas

Come check them out… you only know what you’re made of once you’ve been stuffed...


Satellites is a 5-piece rock band from Scotland. We play uplifting modern rock music with pop hooks and a driving rhythm section.

The Garage Flowers

Say "No" to Jazz, Kids


Coming out of Scranton, PA with their unique take on groove metal the guys in Threatpoint are a hard working band that will win over any audience they perform in front of.

The WI (The Wimmins’ Institute)

‘The Wimmin’s Institute are a “super group” packed with individual talent … meshing country, punk pop and garage folk with a wistful, beguiling trumpet and intelligent lyricism … the potential these proud and happy women have for forging a new unique identity with a “post-post-riot grrrl, post-feminist, post-Marxist, post-punk rock new wave.”’ – The Morning […]


Recruits are a 5 piece alternative rock band hailing from North Lincolnshire. They are renowned for their catchy choruses and their rocky, yet radio worthy sound.


Asymmetry is a 3 piece Band that describes itself as Prog Rock. It is a collective expression of varying musical backgrounds, experiences and cultures.

Cannery Row

We are a 4 piece modern rock band that takes influences from lots of different eras and genres and the various types of music we all enjoy listening to. We love playing live and feel that comes across in our energy when we are on stage.

The Drunken Ramblings

They sing songs about lost loves, close friends, the effects of too much beer and watching Star Trek on your tod.

The Graphic

Fresh from spending most of 2014 touring the UK and Switzerland, three-piece alt rock band The Graphic are back with blistering new material and even more boisterous live shows than ever before.

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