Next Jazz

Introducing… Next Jazz; The alternative indie-acoustic meets emo two-piece from Bedford.

Formed in 2013 by long-time friends, Next Jazz are a two-piece band based in Bedfordshire. Made up of Jake Gascoyne (vocals/guitar) and Karim Lahmari (guitar), the duo have spent the past two years playing local shows and have recently released a 3 track demo. Taking influence from artists such as The Smiths, American football, Pavement and many more, they’ve created their own unique blend of indie, emo and alternative producing something new and fresh while still sounding familiar.

Brad Biddlecombe

February 18, 2015

Hey! I am Brad, the Editor and Creator of AltCorner! My sheer passion for music led me to create the very website you are reading this on. AltCorner has became a fantastic platform for upcoming artists which in turn makes me a very happy father! My music taste pretty much spans all genres as each genre fascinates me in it's own way. When I am not working on AltCorner, I work as a Website Designer.

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