Deep Space Eternity

The alternative punk project with a clean slate after moving to London from Italy.

“We are a band that has started playing together to have fun and cover songs from bands such as Blink-182, Sum41 and Green Day. It was November 2010 and we were called Last Nice Guys. We have played many Italian local Festivals throughout 2011 and 2012 in the name of Pop-Punk. In September 2012 we took a break as two band members moved to London but, in April 2014, we reunited in the British city and decided to start a new project called Deep Space Eternity.

We started working on our own songs, developing a project of alternative punk music, trying to experiment with sounds and genres. Our debut EP “Opinions” will be released soon and will contain some of our unpublished songs that we have worked on for a long time. Our first single “Skyscrapers and Stars” has been released on Sunday the 8th of February 2015″. -DSE

Brad Biddlecombe

February 20, 2015

Hey! I am Brad, the Editor and Creator of AltCorner! My sheer passion for music led me to create the very website you are reading this on. AltCorner has became a fantastic platform for upcoming artists which in turn makes me a very happy father! My music taste pretty much spans all genres as each genre fascinates me in it's own way. When I am not working on AltCorner, I work as a Website Designer.

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