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Jack Conman

18 year-old English singer-songwriter & virtuoso guitarist Jack Conman is breaking new ground. A young musician well versed in intricate & percussive guitar riffs, haunting grunge-folk melodies and soulful vocals, his remarkable array of talents are setting him apart from a crowded field of fellow troubadours.

In Requiem

In Requiem are South Wales' newest Alternative Rock band. Fusing hard guitar riffs with ambient synth to create a unique soundscape.


A 4 piece Thrash/Groove metal band from Manchester who take influence from Machine Head, Sylosis, Metallica, Slayer, Lamb Of God and Children Of Bodom.

Fire Fences

Fire Fences are a 4-piece Indie Rock band from Bridgend, South Wales. With musical influences ranging from Mumford & Sons to Foo Fighters and instruments ranging from an acoustic guitar to full drum kit this band is a beautiful blend between acoustic, alternative and rock.

People’s Republic

People's Republic are a four piece Alt-Rock band hailing from the South West UK. A unique hybrid of funk and modern rock/metal, think Paramore/Incubus with a touch of insanity.

The Mad Dalton

'The Mad Dalton' is the musical vehicle of Belfast-based Scots/Canadian writer musician Peter GW Sumadh.

Whiskey Lies

Whiskey Lies are a 4 piece hard rock band from Bridgend South Wales. With killer riffs and mind melting solos!

Sad Blood

London, UK pun-loving, emo, power-pop band Sad Blood were formed by drummer Daniel Goldberg and guitarist, vocalist and songwriter George Phillips in the Summer of 2014.

Scout Killers

Scout Killers are a five piece alternative/rock/indie band formed in the Bath and Bristol area.

Room 22

Formed in early 2013, the band stepped out of the bedroom a year later to play fast, riff-based songs with powerful guitars showing clear influences to have stemmed from genres such as Punk Rock and Grunge.

Ignite The Sky

6 piece Post-Metalcore from the heart of the United Kingdom, the Isle Of Man.

Little Ghost

On September 14th 2015 they released their debut LP "Versus" which exhibited a stripped back version of the band with a heavier sound which omitted the electronic elements of their usual work whilst still blending genres such as Indie, Pop, Dance and Punk with a standard rock-band setting.


Blowouts are a Post-Punk band who draw strong influence from bands such as The Cure and Mansun. Being self-aware of their conscientious Alternative undertones, Blowouts ensure that each track is as impressive as the one that preceded it.

All Ears Avow

All Ears Avow are an alternative rock four-piece from Wiltshire. Forming in early 2013, the band have devised their own brand of alternative rock, dipping their toes into pop-punk and also heavier styles with melodic choruses and fist pumping anthems that leave crowds begging for more.

The Scribes

The Scribes are a new wave hip hop three piece consisting of vocalist/producer Ill Literate, rap monster Jonny Steele and beatbox maestro Lacey whose unique talents have combined to create a much heralded sound quite unlike any other on the scene today.

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