Storm Harbour – Storm Harbour

Are you a fan of Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Wonder Years and Neck Deep? Then you should definitely check out Storm Harbour. They’re set to release their self-titled debut EP on the 9th of December. The pop-punkers are a quintet from Stockport and consist of Ally Bowie (Vocals), Adam Johnson (Guitar), Matt […]

Merge – Ineffable

Parisian quintet Merge are set to release debut album Ineffable on December 2. The band have been touring Europe with Don Broco and provide an exciting brand of alt-rock. We take a look at their debut record; Opening track The Exit has an atmospheric sound and frontman Max Rodriguez-Medallo’s impressive vocal range is shown off […]

Camel Of Doom- Terrestrial | Review

British Doom metal band, Camel Of Doom are unveiling their record Terrestrial to the world on the 2nd of December and it’s certainly not something you’ll get the hump with. Camel and extra-terrestrial/ out-of-this-world puns aside, the band’s fourth album does not disappoint. This doom metal record certainly does not spell doom for the band […]

Hello Bear – I Don’t Know…It’s Fun Though, isn’t it?

“I Don’t Know… It’s Fun Though, isn’t it?” Well, I’ll say! I was given the chance to review Hello Bear’s New EP and what a wonderful opportunity it was! The EP is four tracks that are full of so much life! Giving the listener flashbacks to when pop punk first surfaced, with the lyrics on […]

Guttermouth – New Car Smell

The Huntington beach bad boys, Guttermouth are back with latest EP, New Car Smell. The follow up to ‘Got It Made’. ‘Got It Made’ was their first release of new tracks in 10 years. That was in July. Now a few months down the line the Punk southerners are back with six heavy, fast and loud tracks.

Lamb of God – The Duke | EP Review

Lamb of God are releasing new EP The Duke on November 18. The record’s title track is inspired by a fan’s battle with leukaemia. The band are also providing memorabilia for a charity campaign with all proceeds going to benefit the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society. With that in mind let’s have a listen to the EP.

Beyond Recall – Selfish Scars

Bristol alternative trio Beyond Recall have been winning the hearts of fans and media alike with their down to earth attitude, professionalism and not to mention fresh blend of rock, hip-hop and massive melodies (if you think of Twenty One Pilots but about 10000000x better, you may be on the scale of these guys!) January 13, 2017, sees the trio release their latest EP Selfish Scars and this is what I thought of it.

The Vigil – Save Our Souls

Bristol rockers The Vigil are set to release debut album Save Our Souls on November 25. The band have supported the likes of Puddle of Mud, Therapy? and more and the record was produced by Bush’s Nigel Pulsford (are you getting the same awesome feeling that I am?).

Animals As Leaders – The Madness of Many | Review

US Prog metallers Animals As Leaders are back with another album of musically mental instrumentals. The new record is called The Madness of Many and madness is surely one way to describe what's going on throughout this record although it is the best kind of madness.

SAYWECANFLY – Blessed Are Those | Review

I am not usually too much of a fan of singer-songwriters. While I do admire their vocal abilities, I prefer listening to the more heavy sounds, however, SAYWECANFLY probably holds a massive piece of my heart as I could sit and listen to his entire back catalogue until the end of time. So you can imagine my excitement when Braden Barrie’s solo project’s debut Epitaph album landed in my inbox.

Last One Out – This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours | Review

The south west of England is home to many things. Pasties, scones and, more importantly, post- hardcore band Last One Out. Their latest release, This Was Never My Story, It's Yours, releases on the 4th of November and it is great!

Frank Iero And The Patience – Parachutes

Frank's words on the reasons behind the name Parachutes are simply beautiful and it almost goes without saying that they ring true for so many in the way that they feel about music. This new album is a collection of dirty rock songs, with a moments of acoustic beauty, that many will fall in love with.

Out Came the Wolves – Strange Fate

Following on from their highly successful run as support for Ice Nine Kills on their Hell in the Hallways tour first leg, Minneapolis rockers Out Came The Wolves are set to release their debut Roadrunner Records album Strange Fate on October 28. Elizabeth Birt got her hands on a copy and gave her thoughts...

Waterparks – Double Dare

US pop-punk rising stars Waterparks have been at the forefront of every pop-punkers mind over the last year or so after being backed and managed by Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte fame. The trio are set to release hugely anticipated debut album Double Dare on November 4 via Easy Life Records. Luckily for you (and us!) Elizabeth Birt got her hands on the album prior to it's release and below gives her views on the Pop Punk new boy's debut...

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