Riviere – Heal

Riviere are a French metal band who have recently released their new album. This is quite a well made album with good clean vocals, good instrumentals and pretty good vibes. Although it’s not very heavy or metal in my opinion, they still deliver a pretty well made record. Their first song on the album, New […]

Galactic Empire – Galactic Empire

When most people think of Star Wars they think of sci-fi loving nerds, some light sabers or that video of a woman enjoying her Chewbacca mask a little too much. Turns out what we all should have been thinking all along was rock music. Galactic Empire are here with their self titled debut album to […]

Auto Immune- Self Titled

Darlington based alt-rockers Auto Immune present to you their latest, self titled release. At three songs, the EP is kept short and sweet, although sweet seems the wrong word to describe the band’s sound. This record features heavy guitars and fierce vocals that storm through each track in impressive fashion. The EP starts out with […]

Less Than Jake – Sound the Alarm

For a band to stay fresh and entertaining for 25 long years, you must have something special. After 8 full length albums, 8 EP’s, and numerous other releases, Less Than Jake continue to raise the bar and keep your taste buds filled with exciting new flavours. Sound The Alarm is the 9th EP from the […]

Belial – Nihil Est

Belial have released an album under the name “Nihil Est”, with an amazingly mysterious album cover. A broken light bulb hangs from the ceiling of what looks like caves. Faces can be made out in the rocks, or it can be the mind playing tricks. Who knows, but it’s truly intriguing. The opening track begins […]

T.S.O.L. – Trigger Complex

80’s T.S.O.L. are back with a new album, ‘Trigger Complex’. The punks still have it at their mid-50’s, and this album is a welcomed throwback to everything from 60’s grooves to 90’s post-punk. The album begins with ‘Give Me More’, which was a cracking start, and I did want more. At 2:17, this song reminded me […]

BarCreeps – Eponymous

Heard the 90’s punk rock song’s a million times? Looking for something still in touch with that raw yet nostalgic sound? Then look no further, BarCreeps are here to make you want to dust off the skateboard in your shed and cruise around the streets causing havoc. Or, reminisce the childhood soundtrack of Tony Hawks […]

Kilkovec- Plunge

When I received this EP to review and looked through the band’s influences I was intrigued after two words, Brand New. Hampshire’s self proclaimed ‘Altpunx’, Kilkovec drop their latest EP ‘Plunge’ on the 27th of January and from the first listen I knew I’d love it. As previously mentioned, Kilkovec draw influence from bands such […]

Retro Youth – B.R.A.V.E

They’re the funk rock threesome that have been seen alongside the likes of Press to MECO, Catfish & The Bottleman and Ghost Riders In The Sky. Now, Retro Youth are ready to ready to make a name for themselves. Their debut album B.R.A.V.E is set to kick start 2017 and be just the beginning of […]

As It Is – “Okay”

Since the release of their highly-praised 2015 debut album Never Happy, Ever After, Brighton, UK’s As It Is have garnered an ever-growing, devout fan following with their sincere and relatable lyrics, charged with energised pop-rock melodies. With the release of their sophomore album Okay., the members of the transatlantic quintet – Patty Walters (vocals), Benjamin […]

Deserted Fear – Dead Shores Rising

German death metallers Deserted Fear are set to release their latest album Dead Shore Rising on January 27. Their unique sound combines that of legendary Swedish death metal and old school American death metal for a loud, proud and insanely heavy mix! The drum focused Intro sets a battlecry feeling which increases in intensity and […]

Sertraline- Guilty

Melodic metallers, Sertraline can be described in many ways, all of them positive. The band covers an impressive amount of ground and their latest release, Guilty, is a genre spanning, five track journey showing you where they’ve been exploring these past few months. The EP begins with title track, Guilty. Opening with crushing rhythm guitars […]

Betraying the Martyrs – The Resilient

French symphonic ‘deathcore’ act Betraying the Martyrs have spent the best part of the last two years working on The Resilient. This is their third full length record and the highly anticipated follow-up to 2014’s Phantom. The atmospheric beginning of opener Lost For Words provides a false front of a calmer track, however the guttural […]


As The Sun Sleeps return with their new EP ‘As Good As Gold’. Taking inspiration from bands like New Found Glory, Seaway and State Champs, As The Sun Sleeps bring fresh sound that is rarely heard in a scene saturated by serious emotional pop punk. The band released a fantastic video for Lifelines, released in […]

Valensole – Where We Should Be

Brit punk rockers, Valensole, will release their DIY debut EP “Where We Should Be” on 3rd March. The EP is a good starting point for the band making their first steps into the music industry, and is a great showcase for the DIY ethos of punk rock. The EP has a distinct Brit punk sound […]

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