AltCorner Nights



AltCorner Nights presents… Pushing Daisies, Montauk and Orphelins.

In the first of many AltCorner Nights, we have carefully selected some of the finest bands from Bristol for an evening at The Ram, Bristol. Doors will be from 8pm and it is a FREE ENTRY.

Pushing Dasies

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies are a four piece Emo/punk band from Bristol. Known for their emphatic performances of grunge and emo infused punk, Pushing Daisies have gained a strong following and will no doubt make sure The Ram is rocking.

Listen to Pushing Daisies Here:

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Montauk are five piece band from Bristol. Delivering a fine slice of Alternative Emo, Montauk are renowned for their excellent live performance and heartfelt songs. Having recently played a stellar set at the Fleece, Montauk are set to blow the crowd away on the 30th.

Listen to Montauk Here:

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Orphelins are a Bristol based Alternative Rock band formed in late 2014. They have a strong reputation for their ability to create catchy riff-driven tracks which when performed live have a charismatic and punchy feel to them.

Listen to Orphelins Here:

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Explaining AltCorner Nights:

AltCorner was created to serve as a helping hand for upcoming bands in the UK. Driven through a love and passion for local music scenes, AltCorner has received countless appraisals and continued success in their request to make sure bands get the recognition they deserve.

On the back of the success from the website, AltCorner is now going to start putting on our own shows – AltCorner Nights. Organising gigs for bands can often be one of the most unforgiving and unfair elements within the music industry with countless disaster stories which more often than not leads to the bands getting exploited by mercenary bookers/venues/promoters.

We however are going to continue with our campaign to make a difference within the music industry and we want to start putting on regular shows that will deliver consistency, fairness and a platform for up and coming bands to trust. In the beginning AltCorner Nights will take place in Bristol before expanding to gigs all around the UK. AltCorner works closely with our selected venues (who share our dedication and vision) to ensure that the nights shall be a success for everyone concerned.

AltCorner Nights is ran on pure passion and love for live music and through this it is essential that we receive as much support as possible. We aim to be paying every band as much as we possibly can, making each night profitable and worthwhile for all parties involved. Together, we can make a real difference within live music just like has done and continues to do so for the online publication of upcoming bands.

The aims are simple; the venue is full, the bands always get paid and most importantly everyone has fun.