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In Requiem

In Requiem are South Wales' newest Alternative Rock band. Fusing hard guitar riffs with ambient synth to create a unique soundscape.

People’s Republic

People's Republic are a four piece Alt-Rock band hailing from the South West UK. A unique hybrid of funk and modern rock/metal, think Paramore/Incubus with a touch of insanity.


Soul bearing, emotive rock, with an edgy buzz: Allegory combines vivid guitar music with poetic lyrics and an artistic flair. Allegory is a 5 piece band consisting of a mix of drums, guitars, bass, keys and vocals.

In Crowded Skies

In Crowded Skies are an unsigned rock band based in Kent, England. The band formed in 2013 after their previous bands’ adventures came to an end.

Feed Them To The Forest

Feed Them To The Forest are a hook laden rock band from the North of England, taking influence from the early '00s emo and punk scene.

The Ruffes

The Ruffes are three lifetime friends, Antti Ström, Elmeri Ström and Juuso Timonen, from Riverpoint, Finland.


CAMILO formed after a number of anxious discussions between frontman Adam Mortaro and drummer Scott Campbell towards writing new music together following the collapse of previous effort, The Perfect Crime. They quickly realised the only way to find out was to do just that.


The Somerset Metallers that play songs with sonic sledgehammer fists- in-the-air choruses and explosive rhythms that promise to melt your ears.

Cosmic Ninja

Brand new since April 2015, Cosmic Ninja are ready to entertain; with big dance breaks, riffs and soaring vocals.


Gloucestershire new guns, Elessar, are braced to stamp their own imprint on the currently buoyant Brit-rock scene with their stunning brand of contagious punk rock.


Reverb laden power chords.

The WI (The Wimmins’ Institute)

‘The Wimmin’s Institute are a “super group” packed with individual talent … meshing country, punk pop and garage folk with a wistful, beguiling trumpet and intelligent lyricism … the potential these proud and happy women have for forging a new unique identity with a “post-post-riot grrrl, post-feminist, post-Marxist, post-punk rock new wave.”’ – The Morning […]


Asymmetry is a 3 piece Band that describes itself as Prog Rock. It is a collective expression of varying musical backgrounds, experiences and cultures.

Cannery Row

We are a 4 piece modern rock band that takes influences from lots of different eras and genres and the various types of music we all enjoy listening to. We love playing live and feel that comes across in our energy when we are on stage.


Avarice are a Bristol based Hard Rock trio originally from Wales. They have been playing together since 2011. Their influences include bands such as Press To Meco, Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots and Don Broco.

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