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Restrooms formed in late 2014 and has since released a demo E.P of five songs called 'Eternal Bummer'. After gigging with this E.P they are now writing their second release.

Take Care

Take Care was formed in the first few days of January 2014. Shortly after, Take Care released it’s first single “Loiter.” The band was formed by Tyler Hill (Vocals) and Darian Hutchins (Guitar).

West Coast Sick Line

West Coast Sick Line is an alternative UK pop rock band from Rhos On Sea, North Wales. Moonan has been in a number of bands over the years but has reached his creative peak with this latest group.

Team Me

Team Me are an indie pop band who beam with glee. Their happy indie pop sound has gained them wide spread recognition, notably in their home nation where they won a Norwegian Grammy for 'Best Pop Group of The Year'.

The Persian Leaps

The band recently completed a follow-up EP Drive Drive Delay. The EP features five short, infectious songs dripping with divine guitar noise underpinning gorgeous vocal harmonies.


UNCOMELY are a fresh addition to Yorkshire music scene while in fact they aren’t attached to any place geographically or any genre musically. Open-minded and inspiring, UNCOMELY are a music project that explores how different the same band can sound and aims to encourage collaboration of creative community around their music wherever it lands. Strong […]

Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

SFL make you realise just how bad a job all of these NME-championed early 90s revivalists are doing at what they’re supposedly doing.


We formed in late 2013, put out our first EP summer 2014 and a live recording Novemeber 2014 for a new york radio station, been doing local shows but looking to branch out and that!

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