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Jack Conman

18 year-old English singer-songwriter & virtuoso guitarist Jack Conman is breaking new ground. A young musician well versed in intricate & percussive guitar riffs, haunting grunge-folk melodies and soulful vocals, his remarkable array of talents are setting him apart from a crowded field of fellow troubadours.


Contrail is a new band, born during the cold and sad days of winter 2014, from Poznań/Poland that takes influences from all over the punk and alternative scene. Their music is 90s influenced sad punk from Poznań, Poland. Influences include 90s emo, grunge and alternative acts and some of modern emo, poppunk and shoegaze bands. […]


Forming in Castleford, a town on the outskirts of Leeds in 2012, grungey five-piece Allusondrugs have relentlessly toured the country non stop and released numerous singles, leading to them being signed to legendary Leeds based record label, Clue Records.

Badly Stuffed Pandas

Come check them out… you only know what you’re made of once you’ve been stuffed...

The Graphic

Fresh from spending most of 2014 touring the UK and Switzerland, three-piece alt rock band The Graphic are back with blistering new material and even more boisterous live shows than ever before.


GLUM 'defined by angst, emotion, and contradiction' have been described as 'taking the raw sound of 90’s grunge and placing a new, modern twist on top'.

Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth are a four-piece Grunge meets Punk meets Emo band who are quickly developing into the one of the most anticipated bands in the UK Scene.


UNCOMELY are a fresh addition to Yorkshire music scene while in fact they aren’t attached to any place geographically or any genre musically. Open-minded and inspiring, UNCOMELY are a music project that explores how different the same band can sound and aims to encourage collaboration of creative community around their music wherever it lands. Strong […]

Grown Apart

Grown Apart are Danny, Cameron and Jim, three d***s from Leeds who like making loud noises and pissing people off. The band was formed in the summer of 2014 when Danny and Jim, formerly the least two popular members of ex unpopular pop-punk band We Stand Victorious found Cameron laying in the gutter having hit the bottle hard to cope with playing in a cover band on the local pub circuit.

The Kut

Inspired by a wide variety of bands such as L7, Hole, Placebo and Nirvana. The Kut are a London basement rock trio who use their love for 90's grunge and their own life experiences to craft emo-tinged grunge rock.


Muskets are a Grunge/ Emo band from Brighton who are not afraid to tear s*** up on stage!! Known for there energetic live performances, the band have been relentlessly playing shows across the country since 2013 with the likes of Milk Teeth, Broadbay and The New Tusk. In 2014, they dropped their debut E.P, Pollyseed, […]


We formed in late 2013, put out our first EP summer 2014 and a live recording Novemeber 2014 for a new york radio station, been doing local shows but looking to branch out and that!


Nottingham based grunge punks Castaway create their own sound by using influence from bands such as Superheaven, Balance & Composure and Nirvana.

Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies are a 3 piece Emo/punk band from Bristol. They started out in Late June 2014 with their first release 'Middle Child' which is a 4 track EP that is available for free download from their bandcamp.

Weak Nerves

Weak Nerves are massive grunge revivalists. Scuzzy fuzzy sounds and wavy hazy vibes are just some of the adjectives used to describe their sound as they produce their own blend of Grunge.

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