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People’s Republic

People's Republic are a four piece Alt-Rock band hailing from the South West UK. A unique hybrid of funk and modern rock/metal, think Paramore/Incubus with a touch of insanity.


Blowouts are a Post-Punk band who draw strong influence from bands such as The Cure and Mansun. Being self-aware of their conscientious Alternative undertones, Blowouts ensure that each track is as impressive as the one that preceded it.

The Scribes

The Scribes are a new wave hip hop three piece consisting of vocalist/producer Ill Literate, rap monster Jonny Steele and beatbox maestro Lacey whose unique talents have combined to create a much heralded sound quite unlike any other on the scene today.

The Ruffes

The Ruffes are three lifetime friends, Antti Ström, Elmeri Ström and Juuso Timonen, from Riverpoint, Finland.


The Somerset Metallers that play songs with sonic sledgehammer fists- in-the-air choruses and explosive rhythms that promise to melt your ears.


Contrail is a new band, born during the cold and sad days of winter 2014, from Poznań/Poland that takes influences from all over the punk and alternative scene. Their music is 90s influenced sad punk from Poznań, Poland. Influences include 90s emo, grunge and alternative acts and some of modern emo, poppunk and shoegaze bands. […]

Cosmic Ninja

Brand new since April 2015, Cosmic Ninja are ready to entertain; with big dance breaks, riffs and soaring vocals.


Forming in Castleford, a town on the outskirts of Leeds in 2012, grungey five-piece Allusondrugs have relentlessly toured the country non stop and released numerous singles, leading to them being signed to legendary Leeds based record label, Clue Records.


Avarice are a Bristol based Hard Rock trio originally from Wales. They have been playing together since 2011. Their influences include bands such as Press To Meco, Biffy Clyro, Arcane Roots and Don Broco.

Goodbye The Sunset

Formed in the summer of 2014, Goodbye The Sunset have gone from strength to strength, supporting local and national acts in and around the South West and building a solid fanbase.


Montauk are five piece band from Bristol. Delivering a fine slice of Alternative Emo, Montauk are renowned for their excellent live performance and heartfelt songs.


GLUM 'defined by angst, emotion, and contradiction' have been described as 'taking the raw sound of 90’s grunge and placing a new, modern twist on top'.

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