May 16, 2017 |

Miss Vincent – Somewhere Else EP

Miss Vincent – Somewhere Else EP

May 16, 2017 |

Southampton’s formerly gothic turned pop punkers Miss Vincent are releasing their latest EP Somewhere Else on the 19th May.

Being a big fan of Miss Vincent since seeing them on tour with The Fearless Vampire Killers back in March last year I was really looking forward to hearing new music from them.

To me, the main song that stands out on Miss Vincent’s latest EP is Beauty In Darkness. The intro and verse guitar are so captivating, insinuating the darker tone matching Alex’s beautifully raw sounding vocals; which hold so much emotion considering how stripped back the beginning of this song is. 

I also particularly like Lost and Forgotten which has a much edgier pop punk feel compared to the beginning of the EP and has deep lyrics to match – with lines like ‘I never learned to like myself so that much stays the same’. So if you like the more post-hardcore lyrics closer to bands like Pierce The Veil definitely go listen to this song.

In my opinion the songs Lost and Forgotten and Beauty In Darkness are my favourites on their new EP Somewhere Else. However, I still prefer Reasons Not To Sleep – the bands debut EP. This is because I fell in love with the uniqueness of Miss Vincent’s sound, hence why the CD had constant residence in my cars CD player. The more Gothic Post Hardcore sound they were bringing into the music scene was incredibly original and I really connected with everything Alex, the bands frontman, was singing about. Although the songs Cold Hands and The Lovers are very strong pop-punk songs, similar to that of As It Is, I can’t help but miss the original sound of Miss Vincent’s earlier work.

As a whole, this is a very strong second EP from Miss Vincent, the later songs Beauty In Darkness and Lost and Forgotten are particularly great. I’d suggest this EP for any fans of As It Is, Pierce The Veil, My Chemical Romance or Creeper and rate it 4/5.

I also highly suggest going to any of these tour dates because they are absolutely brilliant live!

5th Apr – Manchester, Retro Bar

6th Apr – London, The Islington

7th Apr – Hastings, Flairz

8th Apr – Basingstoke, Sanctuary