October 29, 2018 |

Chasing Dragons – Faction

Chasing Dragons – Faction

October 29, 2018 |

Yorkshire rockers Chasing Dragons release their first full-length album, Faction. News that will excite their fans and since the realise of their debut EP in 2016 the band have been active playing shows and tours with Stone Broken, The Qemists, Skid Row, SikTh, InMe, Diamond Head, Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics, Courage My Love, Skarlett Riot, Theia and lots more. They’ve also hit the stage at several festivals including Bloodstock, Hard Rock Hell and several of their spinoff festivals like HRH Sleaze and HRH AOR, SOS, Rockmantic and most recently Amplified Festival.

Frontwoman Tank’s shares her thoughts about the upcoming release:

“We can barely contain our excitement for this next chapter of our band! ‘Faction’ is finally here, after three years in the making and a lot of hard work, we’re finally ready to share it with the world and we can’t wait.”

Let’s get the party started with Factionless that opens with an electronic background sound with ear-grabbing vocals by Tank which powers over the heavy induced metal furore. Continuing with heaviness on “How the World Went Black” its guitar hooks by Adam compliments Tanks heavy, powerful and passionate side.

Parasite” opens with a theatrical blended hook, and drumming that gets me excited every time I hear a beat unifying the bass. Chasing Dragons’ first release, “Little Gravity”, giving a catchier sound. They fire at us with “Bareknuckle Lover”, showing nonstop speed and the pure hard rock stance in Adam’s guitaring.

Faction changes it style as we hear “The Time Is Ours” a calmer, maybe you could call this a ballad. “Devil in Her Eyes” brings us out of a cul de sac and onto the metal high road, a street many wish to continue to walk down as we hear with “I’m No Devil (I’m Just a Girl)” high temp flow from Murf the bassist, Katie on Drums and Adam’s hooks mould with Tank’s vocal twang grabs my heart. This is a highlight.

Coming to the end with “Whitehorse” I feel a slight Korn influence with crunching riffs and old school metal with Tank’s approach as we finish with “We Are The Wall”.

Faction’s an enjoyable record, not normally the area I listen to and I certainly love the mix of classic metal and their sound.

These cats have been busy and guess what they’re on tour again in November.

2nd – Manchester – Satan’s Hollow – support Ward XVI, Soul Desire, Fear
Me December
3rd – Croydon – Croydon Rocks Fest
4th – Southampton – Joiners – support Novacrow + TBC
6th – Norwich – Brickmakers – support The Killing Culture + TBC
7th – Birmingham – Hammer & Anvil – support Novacrow + TBC
8th – Nuneaton – Queens Hall – support Novacrow + Simai + Fleer
9th – Stamford – Mama Liz’s – support Synthetic + Black Hawk Down
10th – Wakefield – Black Mass – support Novacrow + The Sourheads + Seas Of Scarlet