January 9, 2017 |

Beyond The Black – ‘Lost In Forever’

Beyond The Black – ‘Lost In Forever’

January 9, 2017 |

Beyond The Black are unarguably on the rise in popularity, and with that comes more music being put out. Their new album Lost In Forever is perfect for people who like symphonic metal female fronted bands. They are similar to bands such as Lucana Coil, Evanesence and Epica.

Their new album has everything you could want from a band like them. High impact instrumental, strong riffs and melodic vocals.

The first track on the album is called Lost In Forever. This song starts the album off with high intensity, kicking straight in with a heavy instrumental which is pleasing to any metal fan out there. The unclean vocals in the song add an extra little something to the song.

The second song on the album may be familiar to some as it’s one the bands popular songs known as Beautiful Lies. I mean, is there much to say about this track? If you have listened to it then you know how strong this track is. Strong instrumental, strong vocals and the music video is pretty sick too, I highly recommend this song to anyone of any music taste within the alternative genre.

The third track starts off giving you the sort of feeling that a Deadrising game has just finished and you’re now watching the credits roll up on your screen. This song stays true to the classic symphonic bands that many of us have heard. The breakdown towards the middle of the song has the perfect amount of heaviness and riffs that just makes you want to nod your head along to the song.

The fourth song is a bit of a switch up compared to the previous tracks in which is starts off acoustically before adding more of an instrumental. It’s the perfect song to take a breather before the album goes back into fast and hard hitting songs.

The fifth track is also a bit of a switch up. The intro instrumental gives of a folk metal vibe. The blend of melodies in this song is really what makes this song super enjoyable to listen to at any time. With the blends of vocals, guitars and other instruments all together they make a great track that can be enjoyed by so many people.


Overall the album is high impact, in your face and beautifully composed. From their hard hitting tracks with fast riffs and heavy drums, to their more stripped down songs. If you’re a fan of any metal genres/sub genres then this is an album for you.

Lost In Forver is released on January 13th.

You can find the bands facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/beyondtheblackofficial/