March 22, 2018 |

Stories Behind The Songs with KAOTEON!

Stories Behind The Songs with KAOTEON!

March 22, 2018 |

Ever wondered what your favourite artists think is the best song they’ve written? How about the meaning behind it? Well don’t fret because we at AltCorner have got you covered! Here KAOTEON tell us all about their favourite song they’ve written!

What is your favourite song you’ve written?

Anthony Kaoteon: If I had to pick one, I’d pick “Barren Lands” as the melodies were written in some of my darkest hours and they helped me lift my head up when I was at the verge of madness.

Walid WolfLust: That’s a difficult choice as every song is always very personal especially to the lyricist. I think I would go with “A Breath” as it’s a combination of so many parts of my life and mind.

What inspired the song?

Anthony Kaoteon: A series of unfortunate events that are personal and all the deaths and hatred in my country amongst its people who are still falling in the same mistakes, believing the same lies from the same warlords who are chaining them and leading them to ignorance so that they can control them as puppets.

Walid WolfLust: What inspired the song is my own views of love, relationships, external and internal noise and how it all connected. I needed to reflect upon them all to examine where I am, and this song was the result of this journey.

What is it about the track that makes it so special to you?

Anthony Kaoteon: It was only after I wrote the opening arpeggio that I decided to put the 2nd album together and share it with the world.

Walid WolfLust: The interconnectedness of all aspects and things. The patterns and the deduction. The dark descent involved when you dissect your most intimate feelings and finally putting them on paper.