July 21, 2017 |

RIP Chester Bennington – A Voice Of A Generation

RIP Chester Bennington – A Voice Of A Generation

July 21, 2017 |

Linkin Park are a multi-award winning band who have gone on to achieve unbridled success with seven albums and countless world tours. This band were the pioneers of the alternative rock uprising that flourished for those born in the 1990s. Whether you were a devoted fan or just knew a few songs, the songs you did hear from Linkin Park were sure to make a real impression upon you.

Spearheading the rockers from California was Chester Bennington, one of the most unique and captivating voices of their generation, who’s emotional delivery of lyrics was a true sight to behold live. Music was Chester’s life, that much was clear, he engulfed himself within everything Linkin Park and took any moment he could to appreciate the fans that idolised him.

Chester and Linkin Park’s music will forever live on as every single person growing up the same age as me will cite them as one of their main influences towards their music taste as their groundbreaking early material offered a perfect ode to any demons, problems or trauma that the listener was suffering from.

From fronting some of metal’s most iconic songs to delivering a calm, beautiful rendition of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, Chester Bennington’s talents were endless.

So on behalf of all of my generation whether it was for one song or every single album, thank you Chester for being the soundtrack to our childhood and some of our most testing times.

Days like this highlight just how fragile the mind can be and that anyone you care about can be suffering. Just because someone smiles it doesn’t paint the full picture of the possibility that a million and one things can be hurting someone profusely. So, please do ask your loved ones today if they are okay and never be afraid to talk about how you feel, no matter how daunting that may be. We need to talk about mental health, no ifs no buts.

Please do check out the following websites regardless of if you are suffering or just simply want to learn more: