February 17, 2017 |

A Love Letter To… Aurelio Voltaire

A Love Letter To… Aurelio Voltaire

February 17, 2017 |

It’s February, the month of love, and here at Alt Corner we want to express our love to our favourite bands. This time it’s the turn of Charlotte telling us why she loves Aurelio Voltaire:


Hair as raven black as the night,

Devilish charm, eyes that shine bright,

Pirates have nothing on your Penchant for rum,

On your guitar, you do strum,

Songs about Zombies, Under the sea and Bats,

Bumping into you in Whitby gave me a heart attack!

Youtube vlogs, covers, original songs and more,

Into those more serious songs, your heart doth pour

Performance style that brings a smile to my face,

Talent, charm and more than a little grace,

That Chemical Romance shaped hole you did fill,

Even when off adventuring in Brazil!

All in all, you’re one hell of a chap!

And your music, without exception put you on the map!


All in all, Mister Aurelio Voltaire your quirky and unique twist on the alternative acoustic genre caught my eye and following a long mourning period after another one of my favourite bands broke up, you definitely cushioned the blow. Your songs have been the soundtrack to so many different periods of my life since I first encountered you that it’s impossible to pick my favourite; and although this was an almost impossible feat, selecting just one artist or band to write a love letter to, I felt that you were the most relevant at this moment in my life.

You have a way of combining the sad songs with the happy,and the downright cheeky, and I feel like that is a massive skill in itself and gives your albums an incredible variety that I haven’t found too often, and your love of writing and story telling shines through, especially when you also have written several books and several animated shorts, you’re an incredibly talented man and a diamond in the rough, and to top it all off, as I discovered when I met you last time you played at the Goth Weekend in Whitby and we shared a drink, you’re also an incredibly charming man adding to my love of your music and art even further!

Please keep on with your incredibly sassy, dark and hilarious ways and I’m most excited to see what your new album brings.


Charlotte Emilie