October 20, 2017 |

Feature : Why we love live music

Feature : Why we love live music

October 20, 2017 |

Gig season has well and truly started, with many tours already taking place and some great new ones being announced what seems like every day. What is it that makes us keep going back time and time again to see our favourite bands or bands we’ve never even heard of before?

Here at Alt Corner we can’t get enough of the live music scene. Here’s why we think live music is so special.

Lizi Birt – Head of Reviews : 

Live music is great because it gives you a chance to hear some of your favourite songs in a new light, whether it be a stripped back acoustic version (a la Linkin Park with Crawling on their last UK tour) or even heavier than you thought possible, maybe even something completely different like a reggae version, you just never know what to expect. For me live music is a way to not only connect with people but also make friends with those around you who are into the same things. For me, I had very few friends who liked the alternative music I do but as I started going to gigs, I made friends with so many people in the queues over our love of the bands and what the songs mean to us.
It’s also a place to get away from troubles, no matter what the issue, a good gig will take our mind off it even if only for a short period of time. It’s also a chance to see what the music actually means to those performing it too as we always hear of the stories behind songs but there’s nothing like seeing the emotion in their eyes and hearing it in their voices just adds that extra sentiment and meaning behind the music.


Brad Thorne – Contributor :

Live music is a unique experience, in an age where cinemas are made obsolete by the ever-increasing size of television and albums can be downloaded free of charge at the touch of a button. No amount of shaky iPhone footage can replicate the experience that unfolds before your eyes and ears in the live environment. It can be disappointing, frustrating and expensive, but at its best it’s a euphoric encounter you’ll never want to end. In 2011 I experienced this first hand when a line-up of Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive and Architects allowed me and my best friend to unleash years of pent up fandom. My sore throat may have faded away after a week filled with copious amounts of ice cream, but those memories will last forever. I may stand at the back with my arms folded more often than not, but six years later, I’m still the same wide-eyed kid when the music starts.

Gareth Rooke – Contributor : 

Live music is still one of those experiences in life that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Whether that be the first time you see a band, and the music blows you away or when you’re singing along with hundreds of people to your (and their favourite song). The feel of the drums that seem to be beating to the same rhythm as your heart, the energy of everyone just loving the sound. And for me, the most important part: from the moment I walk in until the moment I walk out, I can forget the outside world, I can just enjoy the music and have a good time.


Bethan Jones – Contributor : 

Why is music so good? Well where do I start, music is insanely good as it is but there’s something that makes live music that little bit better. I go to quite a lot of gigs/concerts as it just takes my mind off all the daily stress and just takes you away from reality for a little bit. Also, live music is a way to share the love for music in a very welcoming environment with other people that share the same love for something like you do. Live shows have 2 benefits, one for the person that goes because you can see your favourite songs/bands live and be able to connect with them face to face. The other benefit is for the actual band/artist because they’re able to accomplish their dream of playing live shows and also the money that people spend on tickets, all go into the funds to make new and better songs and albums. Music helps people in different ways, whether it be to help with mental health or if people just need a pick me up and live music also helps with this. Music in my opinion is medicine it helps people and when music is around no one is alone.