April 19, 2018 |

Elder Brother prefer to Stay Inside

Elder Brother prefer to Stay Inside

April 19, 2018 |

Indie-rockers Elder Brother have revealed details of their new album! Stay Inside is set for release through Pure Noise Records on May 18th!

The record itself has a personal meaning to the duo, with the overall theme a focus on drug addiction. Dan Rose states; “Most of lyrical content Stay Inside was written on a visit back home for the holidays to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where my parents still live and where I grew up, and where the opioid crisis has a particularly strong hold.  There’s even an HBO documentary about it.  Heroin use touches everyone in the area.  Whether it’s a first hand experience, or it’s your friend, a family member, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a parent, a child, it’s rare to meet someone that doesn’t have their own story.  And despite all of that, addiction is still stigmatized.”

The duo have revealed their new single Sway as a taste for the record. Check it out below;

Stay Inside Track List:

1. Greatest Hit

2. No Reason

3. You & Me Forever

4. Sway

5. Unnatural History

6. Weak Days

7. Wish You Were Here

8. I Don’t Miss You

9. Battle

10. Earthbound

11. I Don’t Think It Stops