May 11, 2017 |

Desert Island Discs – In My Disguise

Desert Island Discs – In My Disguise

May 11, 2017 |

Ever wondered what bands and album inspired In My Disguise? Then wonder no more. The Suffolk rockers have taken on our Desert Island Discs challenge and each let us in on their number one album.

George: Drenge – Drenge

“Drenge’s 1st album… the aptly named ‘Drenge’. This for me optimises what a great 1st album should be. It’s raw, it’s not afraid to be different and it shows just what great tunes two people (brothers Eoin & Rory Loveless – guitar/vocals & drums) can make. The tracks from this album are beautifully varied and can’t necessarily be placed into a specific genre, drawing on significantly british influences which for me makes it seem real and relatable. I find that I keep returning to this album throughout the years and every time I seem to change my mind about which track is my favourite, which can only be a good thing!”

Jonathan: Muse – Drones

“One of my albums to listen to for the rest of my life would be Drones by Muse, for me this album is spectacularly written. Speaking from a bass players perspective (as always!) the bass is very inventive whilst also catering for the songs, I take a lot of influence from the Muse bassist when writing my lines. The riffs are incredible, you can always count on Muse to write catchy, massive sounding riffs, these will tend to get stuck in my head for hours! All in all this is just a great sounding rock album.”

Jonathan: Slaves – Are You Satisfied?

Another choice for a favourite album would have to be Are You Satisfied? by Slaves, the album itself is raw but very powerful, every song has so much energy. Listening to the album you wouldn’t believe it could be created with just two people but the duo show they are not only talented, but really know how to write a catchy tune. You know that an album is a great one when you can rock out to every track and not just the singles.

Lee: Slipknot – IOWA

“My all time favourite album is IOWA by Slipknot – I grew up listening to my sisters favourite music channels which exposed me to a lot of different music at a young age. Every now and then she would switch over to Kerrang, and this is where I heard “My Plague” for the first time, and from that point I was absolutely hooked. I soon after got the IOWA album and at a young age of 11 I couldn’t stop listening to it. Its raw, powerful, in your face, and this is an album that just doesn’t hold back in any way shape or form. This is the one and only album I tend to go back to every now and again just to relive the experience I had when I listened to it for the first time.

Ollie: Pink Floyd – The Wall

“My album of choice for ‘desert island’ is ‘The Wall’ by ‘Pink Floyd’. I have chosen this album because of the amazing story that it tells, about a man that’s had a tough childhood and faces a difficult adult life as well. I think the use of instrumentation is spot on, and really complements the overall feel of the album. The guitar elements are also very strong, and played with such precision. I first heard this album in my early teens and fell in love with it straight away. This is an album that I can never get bored of listening to. Even all of these years later, I’m still learning new ways to interpret the very cryptic lyrics. In My own writing I often go to this album as inspiration”