May 4, 2017 |

The Weight of Atlas on their upcoming single!

The Weight of Atlas on their upcoming single!

May 4, 2017 |

With the upcoming release of ‘The Art of Letting Go’, we chatted to The Weight of Atlas about the release of their single, and their debut album.

Are you excited for the release of your debut album?

Yeah! We’ve never put more of ourselves into something. Our blood sweat and tears, as cliche as that is to say! Can’t wait to play these songs live.

The Art of Letting Go has had a pretty good response so far, what does it mean to you for people to be loving the song this much already?

It does just make everything worth it, and I can’t express how much this track means to us so to see people singing it back at shows already is unreal. It’s not even out yet!

How are you feeling about playing the new material live?

It’s so fun, its for us a step up from the older material and it’s really refreshing. We get to be more of ourselves playing these new tracks.

What did you find the writing process like?

With such amazing members and friends all involved, it’s unreal and we’re constantly learning off each other. Each studio day is like a holiday, I mean everything is still hard work. It just feels right writing with these guys.

Who were your influences when recording the album?

We looked at a lot of different aspects of the music we all listen to. We love a good verse, bands like Bring Me The Horizon and PVRIS rock a good verse. We look to bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Dayseeker and Underoath for that honest emotion raw feel in our vocals and lyrics. We take a lot of other musical and playing influences from other heavier bands as well. Think that covers the music and ideas we’ve been bouncing about. But you could name a million bands we all listen to and nothing will compare to the pieces we put together, its us and its what we do, we do us.

How do you feel like you’ve grown as a band between the release of your EP and now?

We’re definitely got a bigger response since our first release and our Taylor Swift cover. Which is a great platform to release the music we consider our best work so far, its exciting to get this out and travel with this music behind us, but we’re all about our new material. This is the new us.

Are you excited to tour?

Yes! Ecstatic, come see us sweat it out soon.

Do you have any current plans to play any festivals this summer?

Can’t comment on summer plans, but we are definitely out and about…

You’ve got quite a good relationship with your fans, do you feel like that makes being in the band any better/ worthwhile?

Seeing people sing our songs, getting fan letters, messages and tweets and stuff makes all the hardest parts of being in a band worth it. It’s reassuring to know, as much as we tell our own stories through our music we get a response from our fans. It’s good to know what we’re doing is for more than just us.

‘The Art of Letting Go’ comes out on the 5th of May.