September 26, 2018 |

REAWAKEN on their new EP, Monochrome!

REAWAKEN on their new EP, Monochrome!

September 26, 2018 |

We chatted to REAWAKEN about their latest EP, Monochrome, out on 5th October.

How are you feeling about the EP launch on Friday?

We’re extremely excited! We’re playing one of our favourite hometown venues with a lot of amazing bands.

Are you excited for the Monochrome EP to be released?

We recorded the EP roughly one year ago and we’ve been waiting to show everyone our hard work. So being able to finally releasing it is exciting!

How have your gigs been so far?

Really good. The reception we get from a lot of places have been really humbling. We’ve recently started incorporating lights in our live show, which means playing with a laptop and a click. There were some teething issues at first but now it’s almost second nature.

Who were your main influences when writing and recording?

We’re all influenced by difference things, which naturally affects how we approach our song writing. The core influences however have always been Alter Bridge, Halestorm and Evanescence.

What can fans expect to hear on the EP?

We tried to make this EP as diverse as possible to showcase what we can do as a band. With this EP you can expect soaring vocals over crushing and heavy riffs with more mellow parts here and there.

Can we expect more material from you in the next year?

We have a couple of things lined up. Nothing we can talk in detail just yet but we’ll hopefully have a cover coming out by the end of the year.