April 27, 2018 |

Press to MECO on their new music!

Press to MECO on their new music!

April 27, 2018 |

Following the release of their new album, Here’s to the Fatigue, we chatted to Press to MECO!

How are you feeling about the release of ‘Here’s to the fatigue’?

Feeling absolutely GREAT!

Familiar Ground has already been doing well and fans seem to be really happy with it, what does that mean to you?

Yeah, we’ve been really quite overwhelmed by the response. It’s just an amazing feeling to have something you’ve slaved for hours and hours over and put your heart and soul into, be received so positively. It gets us so fired up to progress and keep doing what we’re doing.

As your first album was so well received, are you nervous at all about people’s expectations? 

I think every band ever will always be nervous about releasing new music. Whether the previous release was strong or not. I think collectively we felt like we had something strong though, so there was a lot excitement amongst the team leading up to release, once we had a proper plan in place. I always get last minute nerves and think what we’re about to release is terrible though, haha, it happens to me every time!

Do you have any plans to play any festivals?

Absolutely! Really looking forwards to 2000trees, it seems to out do itself every year and is one of the best festivals around.

What are your current plans to tour?

We’ve not actually got anything booked in RIGHT now, but there will be a tour to support this album release, and for that I shall be excited!

Which songs are you most looking forward to playing live?

We’ve been playing a bunch of new stuff this year, all the shows we’ve done have mostly been on support tours, so we just figured, why not play a bunch of new stuff, as to most of the people watching we were a new band anyway. ‘Here’s to the Fatigue‘ is always really fun, I really enjoy playing ‘A Quick Fix’ too. I think out of the songs we’ve not really played live yet, ‘Howl‘ is gonna be WELL fun!