February 9, 2018 |

Lizzy Farrell Chats To AltCorner

Lizzy Farrell Chats To AltCorner

February 9, 2018 |

While Lizzy Farrall was on tour with Seaway we caught up with her in Glasgow for a chat.

So how has the tour been going for you?

It’s going really well. If I had to pick a best day so far I would have to say Nottingham. I am finding on this tour that I am getting a better reaction from older crowds, which is quite strange. I don’t know maybe lyrically it speaks to them, not sure. Our merch has been selling really well. Seaway and Woes and been really lovely. The the reaction of the crowds have been really good.

You EP is now out. “All I Say Is Never Heard”. How has the reaction been? As it’s only been out a week now.

Yeah, it’s only been out just over a week. The reaction has been amazing. I am so speechless. All the press has been good, there hasn’t been a bad word that I have seen. It’s been lovely and so overwhelming.

Do you have a favourite track on the EP?

Everyone always asks me this. Because all the songs mean so much to me. But, if I had to say instrumentally, I would have to say Hollow Friends as there is a trumpet at the end (Lizzy giggles at this and her laugh is infectious as I can’t help but laugh at a joke I missed).

You recently released a video for the song “Better With”. What was the inspiration behind that video?

The “Better With” video I did with Henry Cox (Boston Manor). The inspiration behind the video is, rebellion, teenage love and sort of angst. That teenage years of sort of finding someone that shows you lots of new places and exciting new things. It was shot in Manchester, the city centre. I spent a lot of my teenage years in Manchester. It fitted the aesthetic really well.

And for the EP you have done a Vinyl printing. Is vinyl important to you?

I love vinyl. I have only recently bough a vinyl player. But my dad has the biggest collection know to man. He use to play Sting and The Police a lot. I have always been interested in vinyls. And mine are a gorgeous colour, electric blue.

You have been supporting a lot of bands recently. End of last year you supported Can’t Swim, Gnarwolves, etc. Is there anyone out there that you would die to play with?

Foxxin. Foxxin by far. Or Jimmy Eat World. Foxxin I think lyrically they are really hot and it’s such an emotional experience watching them. I have balled my eyes out twice.

Last year you have a good year. You played Slamdunk. Are there any similar plans in the pipeline for 2018 that you can tell us?

It’s all really hush, hush. It’s really annoying. There are so many things that I want to shout “I’m doing, this and this!” but I am not allowed. Just keep an eye out. That’s all I have to say.

You write some great songs but, is there any particular song you would love to cover live?

I actually thought about this the other day. I would really love to do a Drake cover. But, make it full band emo sort of style. If you actually read into his lyrics, I am a big Drake fan by the way. I think if you took his lyrics and made Modern Baseball sing them they (his songs) would be in an entirely different genre. I would probably do Drake’s “Passion Fruit“. I think Hayley Williams did that in the Live lounge but, she did a very stripped down version.

I like to end the interview with a few either or questions. So which of these do you prefer. Crowd surfing, mosh pits, circle pits or wall of death?

Back in the day I was a bit of a crowd surfer so, I am going to have to say crowd surfing. The first show I ever crowd surfed at was Knuckle Puck, I got thrown onto the stage. I knock over a microphone, it was so embarrassing I literally jumped straight back into the crowd.

Guitar Solo or Drum Solo?

Drum Solo.

And Last but not least. Acoustic Guitar or Piano?

Acoustic Guitar. I do love the sound of a piano but, I have never been really good at playing it. Except chopsticks.