October 4, 2017 |

Kamikaze Girls – 2000 Trees Interview

Kamikaze Girls – 2000 Trees Interview

October 4, 2017 |



I sat down with both members of two piece band Kamikaze Girls at 2000 Trees this year. We spoke about how good 2000 Trees is as well as touring the US and their brilliant album Seafoam. The duo consist of vocalist/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone (L) and drummer Conor Dawson (C).

How you finding Trees 2017 so far?

C: I love Trees, this is like my 6th year here, first time we’ve played though

L: I’ve come to the last few as well, to watch all the good bands

What’s your favourite bit about Trees?

C: it used to be the bands and stuff, but now it’s just hanging out with all my friends.

L: I think that it’s just a really nice place and it feels a lot more free than a lot of other festivals. You can show up here with no money and not a lot of food and drink. You can take your beer everywhere with you. It’s just really relaxed. It doesn’t feel stress. Everything’s nice and close and it’s easy to walk around. Whereas Leeds fest you have to walk 40 minutes everyday to get the arena. It’s a really nice little festival

C: it also never rains here.

What bands would you recommend from this years bill?

C: we saw Brutus yesterday and they were incredible

L: they were amazing

C: there always seems to be one band every year that we haven’t heard of, and we just leave thinking they are our new favourite band.

L: last year was Yuck and this year Brutus. Excited to see The Winter Passing, they’re on before us. Then we’ve got other mates playing, like Doe and Petrol Girls. We saw Personal Best yesterday. But it’s really cool this year as they’ve booked as much of the DIY punk scene in the UK as they can. I think last year there were 7 non male members on the lineup and I think it’s understandably changed this year

C: I never even realised that was the case until it was bought up

L: I guess it’s never intentional though.

Particularly in the last 12 months I think there has been more exposure for bands with female members and female people in the rock industry.

L: Yeah I think it’s definitely got more inclusive, like people feel a lot more confident to start bands if they’re not a dude.

You’ve done a couple of acoustic sets this year, how do you approach that, especially considering the pedals you use on normal sets?

C: just drink loads of alcohol and hope for the best

L: we’ve had a really nice balance. I’ve been doing a few kamikaze girls songs and a cover and Conor’s been doing a cover as well. People have been like “Coner can play guitar!”.

C: I know how to play one song

L: it was nice. We did a bit of a shouty one on the first night and more of a chilled out one the next night, which ended in a wall of hugs. I like playing acoustic, but at the same time it terrifies me as I have loads of pedals and lots of fuzz. So to all of a sudden have that taken away from you at an acoustic set. So I get a shaky knee if I sit down, so I need to stand up.