September 7, 2017 |

Faces Of Eve take on the A-Z challenge!

Faces Of Eve take on the A-Z challenge!

September 7, 2017 |



A song that made you want to make music?

Circa survive The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is in the Dose 

Whenever I hear this song I just want to stop what I'm doing and write!! His vocals are just incredible

Best rider you have had?

Beer and food what else could you need though 

Craziest moment in the band? 

Let’s just say that there was never a dull moment on our recent tour with Borders, however we seem to recall one particular night after our show in Bristol that I think would probably be best to be kept quiet.

Deepest lyric one of your songs features?

Hello we care,

We know your there, 

But we can't keep you here.” 

The song is about suicide, depression and self-hate and not being able to see the signs before it's too late. 

Easiest song you wrote?

Probably “As Above” it just came so naturally to us.

Favourite song in your set?

I'd have to say “Colours” it's just fun and has a real driving nature to it. 

Guest you'd most like to feature on your record?

Well, Claudio Sanchez would be nice haha but realistically would be cool to get Lucas Woodland to guest from “Holding Absence” he has a killer voice. 

Hardest thing about being in a band?

I’d say finance and just funding the lifestyle can be a pain sometimes but it's what we love to do so we work hard and make sure we have enough to carry on doing what we love.

Interesting fact about one of your members?

Conor our drummer is actually Mexican. 

Jokes you have in the band?

We have an inside joke about our bassist, it's #backingtrack, we love him really but we are mean to him.

Key to writing a song?

Personally for me it’s don't try to force anything just let it come to you and don't get frustrated if you can't write anything. Just put your instrument down relax and come back to it later, it's not going anywhere!

Longest distance you've traveled to play a show?

We once traveled 6 hours to Workington in the Lake District, and back, but it was worth it!