October 2, 2018 |

Egyptians tell us more about themselves

Egyptians tell us more about themselves

October 2, 2018 |

We caught up with West London’s newest Indie band Egyptians to find out more about them and their music!

Who are your main influences?

Radiohead, Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys are probably most band-wise. We all have individual acts we love and take stuff from as well.

How did you all meet?

Well, three of us knew each other from school but we met our lead singer, Ethan, through the musicians tinder that is ‘band app’. It was love at first sight!

How did you come up with the band name?

We’re very interested in 21st Century and culture and zeitgeists, and just how influenced this industry is by deities and symbolism. We put it out there, liked it, and it stuck. It’s also better than our previous attempts at thinking of a name.

Have you got any plans to release new music soon beyond your debut single?

Definitely! Next up will probably be a couple more singles! The album format seems to losing popularity more and more, so I had this cool idea of maybe just having an anthology of singles all loosely fitting a theme (like Black Mirror or Cloverfield). Then they all can come together as a sort of album at the end?

What have your live shows been like so far?

Overwhelming for lack of a better word! We are constantly shocked and proud that our music is getting the reaction that has been getting and it’s just adding to our excitement to be able to play to more and more people.