June 23, 2017 |

Download 2017 interview: State Champs!

Download 2017 interview: State Champs!

June 23, 2017 |



We caught up with State Champs’ bassist Ryan Scott Graham and drummer Evan Ambrosio for a chat about playing UK festivals, planning the new record and Queen covering State Champs prior to their Download 2017 appearance!

You’re at Download! Are you excited to be here?

Evan: Absolutely!

Ryan: We’re stoked! It’s our first time so we’re really excited!

You played Reading and Leeds last year.

Evan: We’ve done Reading and Leeds, we’ve done Slam Dunk, we’ve just never done Download so it’s time!

You’ve seemed to have done it the other way round, most people seem to work their way up from Slam Dunk to Reading and Leeds via Download, where you’ve gone for the biggest one first!

Ryan: I’m excited to be here, it was cool to do main stage at Reading and Leeds, a little bit of bragging there!

Evan: Every festival we’ve done in the last two years has been pretty amazing, they’re all very different but they’re all massive and very fun to be at!

Ryan: The UK is very good to us so anytime we can come over and play for a bunch of people it’s fun! We’re just bummed we can’t be here the whole weekend, just today!

Awh that’s a shame! And you’ve spent your day doing press, which must suck when you’re only here for a day?!

Evan: It’s okay though, we’re talking to and meeting people and we’re still seeing some bands!

Is there anyone that you’re looking forward to seeing?

Evan: Mainly System Of A Down.

Ryan: I was excited to see Code Orange but I think they’re playing right now. So mostly System Of A Down.

Evan: Good Charlotte of course! We’re on tour with them right now so we can watch them every night which is cool.

Have you got any plans for a return to the UK in terms of a full tour?

Ryan: Not this year no, we did a headliner here in January/February so after this, we’re just going to go home and write a new record! I think the next time we’ll come back, we’ll have some new music out but it’s going to be a while.