June 28, 2017 |

Download 2017 interview: Holding Absence

Download 2017 interview: Holding Absence

June 28, 2017 |



Holding Absence are the Welsh melodic-hardcore band that have taken the UK by storm. We caught up with guitarist Giorgio Cantarutti and drummer Ashley Green to talk Download, the Welsh music scene and life advice.

You’re at Download! Are you excited to be here?

Giorgio: Man it’s great.

Ash: It’s such a humbling thing to be here, it’s such a hub of alternative music and the alternative scene. It’s great being in this area and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sleeping With Sirens and that, it’s such a dream come true as a band and as musicians.

Giorgio: All your favourite bands are in one place and it’s insane!

It is insane seeing loads of childhood favourite bands just wandering around.

Giorgio: Yeah like we’ve seen Sum 41, it’s a band you grew up listening to!

How was your set today?

Giorgio: I really, really enjoyed it! It was so good! We couldn’t have asked for more, it was unbelievable. We had loads of people singing along, the tent was packed, it was really good!

Ash: I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I knew it was going to be sick, it’s Download.

With the backing you’ve received, we knew that there would be quite a lot going to check you out!

Ash: I think we’re very lucky because over the last 18 months we’ve done quite a lot of touring and we’ve had a lot of people like “we’re really excited to see you at Download!” It’s overwhelming and so good! I was sat there, looking out and could see people on the outside of the left and right sides of the tent and I was just like “there are people outside the tent watching” it’s such a great feeling.

I bet! Is there anybody you want to see over the weekend?

Giorgio: Definitely going to go and see Sum 41 and Good Charlotte 100%. We just watched Code Orange and that was sick! They were so good!

Ash: I’m gutted because I gotta leave but I really want to see Biffy Clyro tomorrow! They’re like one of the last bands on my ‘to watch’ list and I’m really gutted!

Giorgio: and Dillinger Escape Plan, I’ve never seen them live as well but they’ll be class!

You played a warm-up show the night before last in Swansea, how did that go?

Giorgio: Yeah in Sin City, it was really good. We played there a few months back and was really good then and seems to get better every time!

Ash: Yeah we did it on our very first tour, it was our last show of our August tour and it was really, really great then and being able to go back to that venue and it be ten times better and to have people to be as excited as us to be going to Download and it be our official warm-up shows was great fun! It was really nice to see so many people out, especially on a Wednesday, it’s one of those things that would be easy to go “it’s a Wednesday, it’s raining, it’s cold I can’t be bothered”

Giorgio: People were queuing up in the rain!

You recently supported We Are The Ocean on their last tour, how was that?

Giorgio: Well we thought it was their final tour.

Ash: They played a couple of shows after it.

They played Slam Dunk. So it was the last actual tour.

Giorgio: That’s fair.

Ash: It was great man! It was the first time we’d done bigger “stages” and it was the first time in a while we felt like a unit on stage cause we were kinda together instead of being like I’m in the back and everyone else is in the front. The shows themselves were great! We were playing to big crowds and to people we wouldn’t normally play infront of. The guys were amazing as well. They’re all really nice.

That’s awesome, you’ve just been announced as main support for Young Guns in September, are you looking forward to it?

Ash: yeah man, we’re playing with another band as well Beyond Recall. It’s such a great tour and again that’s venues that you see your favourite bands playing. I know we’re doing Birmingham Asylum, The Globe in Cardiff. I went to see Sleeps (While She Sleeps) there the other day and it’s a great venue! One of the bucket list venues in Cardiff to play. Being asked to play is really an honour. It’s going to be great! We’re really looking forward to it!