November 7, 2017 |

Disposable take on the A-Z challenge

Disposable take on the A-Z challenge

November 7, 2017 |



Scottish thrashers Disposable recently announced their new single Ravenous will be released on November 10! We asked the band to tell us more about themselves in this amusing A-Z challenge!

A song which made you want to make music

William Fight Fire With Fire, Metallica

OliverAll Hail The New Flesh, Strapping Young Lad

JackBattery, Metallica

LiamPinhead, The Ramones

Best rider you've ever had

Well, we've only ever really had one, we don't really ask for one, but that was bread, crisps, cheese, tinnies and lots of freddos. It doesn't sound like much but the bread was seeded, so it was actually serious shit. Oliver got a crate of Tuborg beer with his previous band once, which was a pretty big deal at the time.

Craziest moment you've experienced in the band

This is a crazy moment that seems to reappear once in a while for us. One of Jack's friends started filming porn. They were in college together and eventually he disappeared somewhere to do porn as his career. Every so often he will message Jack out of nowhere like “Hey man! Lets do porn! I'll f**k this girl and you guys can play some riffs in the background!”. We decline every time, but it's a pretty crazy offer. Maybe one day.

Deepest lyrics on one of your songs.

There are only a handful that I would say are really personal. We try now to make every song about something personal, but it wasn't always that way. The deepest lyrics are for a song called “Addiction” from our first album.

Easiest song you wrote

We would say “Ravenous”, because Oliver did most of it. Being the new member at the time, there was a lot of new inspiration kicking about. Oliver had ideas to bring to the table immediately and the main riff in “Ravenous” seemed to appear from nowhere. Oliver pretty much knew where he wanted to take it so it all came together naturally and quickly.

Favourite song in your set


Oliver – A new song that doesn't have a name yet, but the demo was called “Potato” and we call it “Arrive Alive, Leave Dead” at the moment when playing it live, but it will get a new title when the time comes

JackWeb of Fear

LiamScar My Eyes

Guest you would most like to feature on your record

If Jamie Lenman came on and did some really brutal screams and maybe a clean chorus for something on our next album, that would be really sick.

Hardest part about being in a band

Probably just life getting in the way. Generally getting extended periods of time together when we all work weird shifts can be a pain in the arse. Also Jack in general. He is probably simultaneously what makes it the easiest thing and the hardest thing. Oh and maintaining sick haircuts.

Interesting fact about one of your members

Jack walked home last night wearing a pair of fish net stockings because he dressed up as his sister. He got loads of drinks bought for him too from guys, so that's pretty good.

Jokes within the band

“Grind your stupid fingers”

Key to writing a song

The key to writing a song is to not give up on an idea until you've fully explored it, but also to know when to give up on an idea when you've rinsed it of all its potential.

Longest you've traveled to play a gig

Worthing, at the foot of the UK. Its just under 500 miles from where we live.