April 25, 2017 |

Crossfaith talk New Age Warriors Remix EP

Crossfaith talk New Age Warriors Remix EP

April 25, 2017 |



We caught up with Crossfaith frontman Kenta Koie ahead of their Cardiff date of the Earthbound tour to talk their friendship with tour headliners Bury Tomorrow, forthcoming singles, New Age Warriors Remix EP and Taylor Swift covering Crossfaith....

How is the tour with Bury Tomorrow going for you so far?

It’s been great. Bury Tomorrow and Crossfaith, we go way back. The first time we met them was in 2010 when they were in Japan. I knew a couple of their songs and we hung out and now we’re finally back here and with Bury Tomorrow and its been great. We have so much in common, our first UK tour was supporting Of Mice & Men and Bury Tomorrow were main support.

You’ve just been announced to play Slam Dunk, are you looking forward to returning for it?

Yeah. Slam Dunk is one of the festivals on the rise. It was not that big a few years ago but one by one it’s getting bigger and better and it’s one of my favourite festivals in the UK.

Do you have any plans to come back over for a headline tour?

We’d love to but probably next year. We’ve already got some stuff like tours back over in Japan and festivals around the world and yes we’d love to come back here, probably after we release our new album, which might come next year.

So you are currently working on the album?

We just finished tracking for the new singles and they will be released around August I think.

Nice! In February, you released the New Age Warriors Remix EP. How did you decide to do a remix EP?

Well you know the album ReAnimation by Linkin’ Park? We had a plan to do something like it a long time ago and then finally we made it. We toured with The Qemists and Enter Shikari as well and The Bloody Beetroots are one of my favourite electronic artists because he has so many rock vibes and if we released a remix album by Crossfaith like this it wouldn’t make sense because we have so many electric stuff and sometimes we held a party after the show in the big clubs so we want to show our music to everyone who doesn’t listen to rock music, so remixing our singles is the best way to show them our new music.

You said you toured with The Qemists and Shikari. Was that how you decided to choose them to remix the tracks?

We picked the songs first and were like “this song should be like drum ‘n’ bass. This song should be more EDM style” that’s how we chose the song and how we chose to pick up the artist.

Do you have a favourite one of the remixes?

My favourite one is the beetroots one (Revolution). It’s amazing. He remixed Revolution from a different view and it’s a totally different song. I didn’t expect that.