June 19, 2017 |

We chat to Memphis May Fire at Slam Dunk 2017

We chat to Memphis May Fire at Slam Dunk 2017

June 19, 2017 |



The last of our Slam Dunk 2017 interviews is with Memphis May Fire’s frontman Matty Mullins ahead of their headlining slot on the Impericon Stage We chat about Slam Dunk, new music and mental health.

This is your third Slam Dunk appearance and you’ve now joined the elite group in consecutive returners. How does that make you feel?

Yeah. We love Slam Dunk, we love the UK, it definitely feels like a secondary home to us these days. We love coming back and our fans here are just as special to us as our long time American fans so we feel honoured to come back. I think Slam Dunk is an incredible opportunity so we’re thankful!

That’s awesome. You’re headlining the Impericon stage this year. How does that make you feel?

Yeah, it’s an honour. When we saw that we were just like “woah”. I think it’s always a little nerve-wracking cause you’re just like “man I hope that we give people what they want” but we just wanna get up and give it our all like we always do. We’ve done a lot of headlining over the past couple of years throughout the states and even over here so I think we’ll do it justice. Hopefully.

The bands on your stage are incredible but we know you’ll live up to it!

Yeah? Thank you!

How have you found the reaction to This Light I Hold since its release?

It’s been awesome, we expected some push back on it because it’s a little different to our previous records but the response has been incredible. People have actually, genuinely been enjoying the record so we’re thankful.

It is a great record! Are you working on a follow up yet? Or are you just focusing on the touring cycle?

Thank you! Yeah we have already written and recorded a new song that’ll probably come out before we even do Warped Tour in America, which is awesome! We’re always writing and recording, we love being creative and just constantly putting out new material for the fans so you can expect to hear some new music soon!

That’s awesome! Are you looking forward to Warped Tour?

Yeah definitely! This will be our fourth time and it’ll be a long and hot summer but definitely worth it! It’s the best American summer tour you can do!

You recently released the video for That’s Just Life, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track?

When I was struggling really hard with anxiety and depression I always felt like if I talked about it that it would trigger someone else or it would trigger my own emotions and so I didn’t talk about it enough and when I started to talk about it, I started to realise how healing that could be and how healing it could be for other people too. When you talk about those things, it makes people realise that they’re not alone in it. So that’s what that video and song are all about, just admitting that I struggled and to talk about it so that a lot of people know that they aren’t alone and to let that be the anthem for anybody that deals with that.