May 31, 2017 |

We chat to With Confidence at Slam Dunk 2017!

We chat to With Confidence at Slam Dunk 2017!

May 31, 2017 |



Aussie pop-punk/pop-rockers With Confidence return to Slam Dunk for the second year in a row after making not only their Slam Dunk debut but also their UK debut at 2016’s festival. Since then, they’ve been back to the UK a couple of times, as well as shows all over the world, and released debut album Better Weather. We caught up with drummer Josh Brozzesi for a chat about touring the UK, the album and choosing iTunes Ts&Cs over Nickelback songs…

This is your second year in a row at Slam Dunk. How does it feel to be one of the few that get invited back on consecutive years?

Yeah. See I didn’t actually know that that was quite rare. It’s really cool to be back, we loved doing Fresh Blood (Kerrang!’s stage) last year and we had really good turnouts. It was our very first time in the country so we didn’t really know what to expect and now to come back and do the Key Club stage is sick. I watched some friends play there like ROAM, As It Is, The Story So Far and they all played to thousands of people so, if we can play to that many people I will be glad.

You will do I bet! I caught your set last year and I was really impressed, I hadn’t listened to you before then but I’m a fan now!

Ah sick. That’s why we’re here!

It’s not rare, rare (to be asked back twice in a row) but it doesn’t happen that often, its kinda like Warped Tour, a year on, year off. That’s what it seems to normally be like but there are a few bands who get asked back the following year and you’re one of them.

Yeah it’s sick!

Are there any bands that you want to check out?

I have a whole list, it’s insane! (proceeds to get phone out to list them) I’ve got a plan of who I’m going to try and check out over the three days. I wanna see.. I’ve already seen Trophy Eyes and Like Pacific, I wanna see Andrew McMahon, Beartooth, Don Broco, Neck Deep, The Maine, Trophy Eyes, Seaway, Boston Manor, Against Me!, Citizen, Turnover, Milk Teeth, Sorority Noise, Ocean Grove… There’s like twenty bands that I want to see.

I’m sure over the entire weekend, you’ll be able to catch most if not all of them!

Yeah and I’ve got so many friends on this tour which is amazing.

For those you haven’t seen you live, what can they expect?

Oh that’s a good question. I think on this tour, it’s gonna be a very concise setlist, we’re going to try and play a lot of the upbeat, punky, happy songs and I think people can expect something high energy that they can jump up and down to and run in a circle. It’s gonna be fast paced, we’re going to squeeze as many as we can in to our set. It should be a lot of fun.

You’re done a few co-headline shows with Set It Off prior to the festival. How have they been?

It’s been really good, it’s been a lot of fun. It’s cool to fit some side shows in around the festival. We did just do a headline in March so it’s a little soon to come back but it’s still been really fun. We love travelling, we love playing music.

Even though you did the March headliner, people will still come out to see you again so soon after anyway!

Yeah which is really great, it’s a lot of the same people as well which means a lot.

The fans are so dedicated.

Yeah, it’s really cool. We just did a signing at one o’clock and they didn’t open the gates til one o’clock and I was like “oh no-ones gonna come” and then kids were running over to make sure they could catch it. It’s really sweet. We have great fans!

I was talking to Cody earlier and he said the co-headline shows were so good. Especially Manchester.

Yeah, Manchester was great. They kinda asked us if we wanted to go ahead with the show and we were all like “yes, like more than ever” we wanna keep playing the shows. They need it frankly.

It’s good to see it all carrying on regardless.


Last year, you released Better Weather which has had a very good reaction. How have you found the reaction towards it?

It’s been great. We pretty much put it out just after touring here last year so we were doing a lot of the EP songs and a couple of the singles but the headline tour we just did two months ago, people were singing along, they know all the songs, they know all the deep cuts, the small tracks. They love like Long Night and songs like that that we haven’t pushed as singles or anything but people really connected to it and I think it’s really nice to see people react and know that people are going through what we went through and it’s been a really good reception.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for the album?

Jayden and Ini are the main songwriters but I think it’s pretty much everything we’ve experienced in the last two or three years. Everything ourfriends have experienced. I think when you come out of school its quite a tough time, you feel a little bit overwhelmed. All of a sudden, you’ve spent eighteen years having this direction and always knowing whats happening next and then all of a sudden you’re just out in the world and it can be a little scary and daunting. We’ve had friends go through mental health issues and we’ve had our battles. I think we didn’t really mean to write towards it but the guys just kept coming back to issues on depression and mental health and I think its just something that has affected us and our friends a lot, so we wanted to try and make something that might make people feel better. That’s kinda the premise of the album, we wanted to write songs that are emotional and they mean a lot but we still want them to be upbeat and happy and have a good album that people could just put on and be in a good mood. It’s cool.