March 31, 2017 |

A Chat With Can’t Swim

A Chat With Can’t Swim

March 31, 2017 |

Can’t Swim released their latest album Fail You Again earlier this month. I had the chance to ask Chris Loporto, the band’s founder, some quesions on the release and on the band in general.


1. What inspired you behind the music video for “We Won’t Sleep”?

I wanted something that was relatable to a majority of people who would watch the video. I hope it spreads the message to support your kids, support their differences and love them unconditionally.

2. The album’s cover is interesting. What was the idea behind that?

It is the same girl on both covers. It’s who I write all my songs about. It’s the reason I started the band.

3. How did you find putting the album together?

Enjoyable. All of the guys were apart of the writing and recording process so finishing it up was a collaborative effort. We wanted something that complimented our first release but also wanted to pave the way to go in different directions sonically. We knew this would be the blueprint for our band’s “sound” for the future so we made sure to give ourselves a lot of options.

4. What was the most difficult track to write, and why?

I think Stranger. Musically and melodically it took months to figure out. One day, all it took was starting the chorus on a different chord and then everything finally fell into place.

5. Which track do you believe had the best lyrics, and why?

I’m not sure which song has the “best” lyrics but “One Shot” is my personal favorite. It’s a song thats very personal to me and is a nice stress reliever to play live.

6. How have your tours been so far? Is there any particular band you want to tour with, but haven’t yet?

Tour has been great, everyone has been very nice to us and meeting the kids at the shows is one of my favorite parts about doing this band.

7. Lastly, who are your musical influences, and how have they influenced you as a band?

I think we are influenced by any band that did their own thing and stuck with it over the years. Bands like The Cure, The Replacements and even Leonard Cohen, give us hope that we can do what we like and what we enjoy about our band for years and years and still be able to make a career out of it.