March 8, 2017 |

We catch up with rising star Jack Vandervelde!

We catch up with rising star Jack Vandervelde!

March 8, 2017 |



Jack Vandervelde is a rising star in the singer-songwriter world. With his catchy hooks, soulful melodies and incredible voice, it's little wonder that the actor-turned-lacrosse player-turned-musician has caught the eye of many people. We got him on the phone to talk his latest single Trouble, influences, lacrosse,touring with Aston Merrygold (former JLS) and much more;

You released a new track recently called Trouble. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind Trouble goes back to my first year in college, it was my only year in college, right at the beginning of school and it’s about almost starting a relationship with someone. But you kinda both realise two, three weeks into it that it’s more trouble than its worth and its just not worth the trouble. And that’s why the hook is “I’ve been around this trouble before, it’s almost like its familiar territory”.

That’s fair, I think we’ve all been in that situation a few times.

Yeah and that’s why its very relatable, I’ve seen it with my friends and people I know.

Do you have any plans for a full record?

I do, eventually. Right now we’re extending a project we did in New York, so by the end of that we will have a full album in place. I don’t know if we’re going to treat it as such. I don’t know if I’m going to do one EP or two Eps or several singles but I think in the next year, definitely in the next year I plan to do a full length album.

That would be really cool. The singles I’ve listened too so far have been absolutely incredible.

I appreciate that and thank you so much for having me. I really would love to give everybody a full length album as soon as I can.

That would be great. Your style has sort of been described as a cross between Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and Bruno Mars, and I personally thought that there was a bit of Brit indie rockers The View too, how did you sort of decide on the sound you wanted to get?

I don’t know if its so much as I decided than I just naturally gravitated towards that. All those people, especially Bruno and Ed have had such a big influence on me and they’ve mixed pop so well together with singer-songwriter storytelling and I found that I want to get my music to as many people as possible and for everyone to listen as I tell the stories.

You’re a self-taught multi-instrumentalist as well, how old were you when you first started to learn your first instrument?

So I first started learning the drums and that was really the only instrument I ever took proper lessons on and that was when I was about five years old. My parents got me a drum kit and then the rest from there is the guitar and piano. I just started teaching myself. Starting off with drums is really important because of having a sense of rhythm, at least I think I have that, and then I went guitar and then I went piano.

That’s a young age to start learning, it obviously instilled music in you from a young age.

Definitely, I think that’s where it came from.

You were set to tour with Emeli Sande but now it’s Aston Merrygold from JLS?

Yeah it’s changed, we’re not doing the Sande tour but I am supporting Aston for his dates May 3rd, 4th and 5th on the Manchester, Birmingham and London dates (respectively). So I’ll be supporting him this May.

That will be really cool!

Yeah I’m so excited, I’ve played little shows around here but that will be the first bigger shows I’ll be doing in the UK so I’m really excited about that! I’ve personally not met him but everyone has said he’s wonderful and I’m so excited.