August 22, 2018 |

Capital Eye on their new music!

Capital Eye on their new music!

August 22, 2018 |

Following the release of ‘Lipstick Kiss‘, we spoke to Capital Eye about potential new music and more!

What’s the response to Lipstick Kiss been like?

Lipstick Kiss has been very well received, it’s nice to hear so much nice feedback.

Does the extremely positive response to last year’s Ep ‘Take Note‘ make you excited to release new material?

Yeah it definitely does, the whole process from starting from an idea to recording the final product builds up a lot of excitement especially having the finished mix and master kept to yourself for a few week just waiting to release it builds up the excitement.

When can we expect more new material from you guys?

We have a tune that we recorded along with Lipstick Kiss as a sort of B-side called Day Dreamer – but we like it that much we would like to release it as a single, so if we choose to release that as a single, it’s ready to go straight after the Lipstick Kiss campaign.

Who would you say are your main influences musically and lyrically?

As individuals we listen to a whole range of stuff whether it be indie, country or hip hop so it would be hard to say who our main musical influence would be, as for lyrically just your day to day things as a working class lad, things that most people around us and in our friend group can relate to.

Any plans to tour soon?

We never really have a set tour routine really we just play anywhere and everywhere whenever really due to us been working lads, all our dates can be found on our social media and dates are just constantly being added.

What are your favourite songs to play live? And are you excited to play ‘Lipstick Kiss’ live?

I’m not just saying this, but Lipstick Kiss is our favourite song to play live, it also for me is our best live song as a whole.