October 24, 2017 |

Amber Run tell us about their UK tour!

Amber Run tell us about their UK tour!

October 24, 2017 |

Straight off their UK tour, Amber Run told us about what it was like on the road.

How was the tour? What’s been your favourite gig/ do you have any funny stories?

Tour has been incredible – it’s so great for us to be able to go to places we haven’t visited before and play to so many people, incredibly humbling. They’ve all been great! Probably Edinburgh, never been before and it was hectic! We’ve got a great video of Will when he just wouldn’t wake up in the van.

On your February tour, you asked people to put their phones away when you played ‘5 AM’, what are your opinions on people filming every single song at gigs?

It’s part and parcel of gigs these days. If its something they look back on and relive the memory and it makes them feel good, I don’t have an issue with it. You do just wish that some people would actually just enjoy the moment and not watch the gig through a screen though.

Do you find that now ‘For a Moment, I was Lost’ has been out for a while that crowds respond to it differently than when you toured the album in February this year?

Absolutely! There are album tracks that people are singing along to, which is incredible.

What’s been your favourite song to perform live?

I Found‘ always gets a killer reaction, but it’s great to perform any track off the new album – they were recorded live and were meant to be played live.

This is your second tour with Seafret, would you tour with them again?

We’d bloody love to

After the tour, will you go straight back into writing and start on album 3, or relax for a bit?

It’s important to decompress, but we’ll be back with new music soon.

Apart from amber, what other colours do you run from?

Teal and magenta.
Amber Run are currently on an EU tour, buy tickets here.