June 26, 2017 |

A chat with Vukovi

A chat with Vukovi

June 26, 2017 |



On the eve of their final show on their 'Weirdo' tour we had a catch up with Vukovi, talking about Serbian adventures, fanfiction and milk!

Ok, So Vukovi! Best place to start is at the beginning - where does the name come from?

Colin: Janine's parents...

Janine: Basically, I was born in Serbia, and I travelled with the circus until I was about, twelve, as a snake charmer and Vukovi means wolves in Serbian.

How did you all meet?

Janine and Hamish:  Tinder

Jason: We should start a Tinder for bands...Bander!

So the first single off the album is 'Weirdo' where did the inspiration come from, for the video?

Janine: Well, the song was written before the video, but the video, the girl who played me in the video, I went to school with her big sister. We were at a Bring Me The Horizon show and we met her mum and got talking to her about how her little sister  was doing in school. She started telling me about how badly she was bullied in school, she just had a bit of a nightmare with it all really. With her being 14, it just really hit home for me, so we decided to put her in the video. From there we met up with the other 3 girls who are it and they've all been victims of bullying too, so we spoke about it with them.

I just don't understand how anyone could, when you meet them and speak to them and realise how amazing they are; how could anyone want to make you feel, the way you've been made to feel?

So you're all very anti-bullying and advocates of being proud of who you are, is the song itself based on your own experiences?

Janine: In terms of the video, the main character is like me at that age, because I was very alternative and in to loads of different things and got a hard time for it, but no-where near on the same level. I was lucky, I grew a thick skin from it, you go home at night and wonder if you should just do what all your friends are doing so you don't but you should do the stuff you want to do.

I mean, yeah, the song is basically about that.

You try to fit a mould, you try and hide who you are and you feel worse. So what's the point?

Pretty Dark stuff, but for people going through bullying or tough times, you're all very positive influences and comfortable in your own skin...

Janine: Aye, we are all now, but these things come in time, at that age, you don't realise there's a bigger picture, there is a scene that they will fit in to and I know it's easy me saying that to them but at that point they felt like it was the end of the world.

So is this where you get the ideas for all the colours and  glitter from, I've noticed there's a lot of people here today in neon yellow and so much glitter?

Janine: It's cool! It's all about standing out and being different, like the neon yellow t-shirts we had made, it's standing up and saying 'yeah, I'm a weirdo?!' pure, bright, standing out and being, fresh!

Hamish: I remember some-one saying to me that they were at a concert and they said all they could see is this beam of light coming off one of our weirdo tshirts.

Janine: Exactly, it's embracing it, it's 'Im going to wear this ridiculous stinking yellow colour into a gig, and stick out like a sore thumb.' It's having the balls to do that.

Hamish: I honestly thought no-one would ever wear those tshirts, because they were such a ridiculous colour.

I've noticed you also seem to actively encourage your fans to be creative and different, you get loads of really cool fan art and stuff, how do you feel about that?

Janine: I really love it, Colin get's some really cool stuff I've seen

Colin: Moving swiftly onward...very good drawings though

Have you come across any amusing fan fictions or anything like that before?  

Hamish: Ohmygod...

Colin: Yep, yeah...

Janine: What's fanfiction?

Hamish: Like, fans make up their own stories with you in it, they're usually quite...interesting